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30 October 2016 author: Jürgen (jdo)

over 3200 pages have already written the editors of the official magazine for the raspberry PI, MagPi,. They came but also to recognize that the content or very important and essential content are scattered and thus could go under.

from this reason the brainiacs at MagPi have assembled them in 2015 and stomped the MagPi essentials from the ground. It serves the best articles from the magazine clear and digestible. Now you’re done Essentials codeing books number five to eight magPi. The books are in English, and call themselves!

  • learn to code with scratch

  • hacking and making with Minecraft

  • simple electronics with GPIO zero

  • learn to code with C

the first four books are called:

  • conquer the command line

  • make games with Python

  • experiment with the scythe has

  • code music with Sonic PI

those who are interested in the books , you can PI Hat or in the order Amazon UK . In addition, you can get them directly via raspberrypi.org . They are also about the Apple – and Android apps (£2.99) available. Pay, who would like to support the project or have just a printed copy is allowed.

MagPi Essentials Coding Books (Quelle: raspberrypi.org)

MagPi Essentials coding books (source: raspberrypi.org)

free PDFs

as usual there’s works for free in PDF form. Just pupils and students should look forward, because there the money we know always scarce. Catalog , find the appropriate link in the download and start to read.

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