Quirky Xerus 8.1 for raspberry PI and Clonezilla live 2.4.9-17 [Full Guide]

today is actually travel day and I’m already on the packaging. Nevertheless, there are two distributions in the eye have jumped me where I always keep track of revisions.

quirky Xerus 8.1

quirky Xerus is not fully compiled from the sources by using of T2, but with DEB packages of Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus created. However, it is not a clone of Ubuntu and the developer clarify out announcement in . It is possible to install packages from the Ubuntu repositories but the distributions are binary compatible.

it is pointed out however, that some functions have been slimmed down. Systemd falls within this context and therefore, it may happen that some Ubuntu DEBs just do not work. Systemd is not also available at puppy, but the developers use the init mechanism of BusyBox. This works very well according to own statements and quirky Xerus starts 8.1 on a raspberry PI 3 in about nine seconds.

the desktop environment is still as JVM and ROX-Filer, just like in Puppy Linux. JWM of window manager and ROX-Filer is a file manager.

quirky Xerus 8.1 is it pi 2 and 3

all versions for raspberry prior to quirky Xerus 8.1 were for the platforms x 86 and x86_64. Version 8.1 is the first specifically generated for ARM. In particular, it is PI 3 pi 2 and raspberry to the devices of raspberry. The system will not work on a Pi1. I would like to try it, but really don’t have time for that… Also, there should be a special image for Odroid XU4 soon.

Quirky Xerus 8.1 läuft auch auf einem Raspberry Pi 2

quirky Xerus 8.1 runs also on a raspberry pi 2

Puppy Linux and quirky are impressive distributions. It’s amazing how much it accommodates in so little space. I have even started Puppy Linux from a Firefox phone (ZTE open as carrier) and then abused the phone as a hotspot. But we all know what happened to Mozilla’s Smartphone OS. The not so smart Smartphone is since then in the Cabinet.

quirky for raspberry PI contains also LibreOffice and Inkscape. Puppy’s are slightly stronger alternatives.

because it could with quirky Xerus 8.1 is the first version for raspberry PI that there still corners and edges. Currently, it is known that the Web browsers SeaMonkey is running a bit unstable and the possibilities of SimpleVLC are somewhat limited.

PUP MODE 2 and not in the RAM

who knows puppy, who knows, that the system is completely load into memory. The method known as PUP MODE 2 is an installation on hard disk or a mass storage device. Quirky Xerus 8.1 uses only this method. You should keep that in mind.

binary compatibility with Ubuntu 16.04 I’ve already mentioned and the PPM (Puppy Package Manager) can install so DEB packages from the Ubuntu repositories.

who quirky Xerus 8.1 on my raspberry pi 2 or 3 would like to try out, the image can be download here .

Clonezilla live 2.4.9-17

who like to clone, knows the Clonezilla live. Well, there’s an updated version, which is based on the Debian sid repository from the 21 October 2016. The Linux kernel has been updated to 4.7.8-1. The complete ChangeLog you can find here . You as usual free download may the special distribution of Linux.

Nice PI-constellation

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