Maker Factory accompanies your project to commercialization [Full Guide]

logo_maker_factory_250px Maker Factory it’s the 1 er challenge that accompanies the makers from prototype to commercialization of their idea!
You are handy, engineer, designer, electronics inventor, maker… you like imagine new products and the prototype yourself? This Challenge will allow the most talented of you to turn your idea into a product that can be marketed, with the help of the teams Sourcing & Creation .


prix Yes Are Makers and Sourcing & Creation offer it this challenge to invention and product creation. the jury will choose a grand prize winner who will win a gift card of 1000 and appoint up to 10 candidates who will then be accompanied by Sourcing & Creation to offer marketing their products at Baker (131 outlets) and/or Electro deposit (67 points of sale).


challenge the theme of this first Challenge is the smartphone accessory . It is to innovate on the subject by inventing a physical smartphone accessory around mobility, protection, energy, new uses, the all-in-one , etc.


sourcing_creation Sourcing & Creation is a 160 people of the HTM Group which mission to invent developing and sourcing of the products brand clean high use value , source of singularity for the brands of the Group HTM (Baker and Electro Depot).

Yes Are Makers collects all the makers who share their techniques and know-how online. Our mission is to give visibility to the men and women who create the world of tomorrow today and with their ten fingers , in order to make our society more inventive.

Yes Are Makers and Sourcing & Creation offer this Challenge “Maker Factory” to promote open innovation and allow the makers of all backgrounds to bring their inventions to their marketing.


phase_1 to apply you must complete and validate form by Sunday, December 4, 2016 at midnight. In the form you explain your idea: what product can you imagine? what need does it address? which problem solves? What solution do you bring? At the same time, to show the jury your ability to turn an idea into object, you present a creation you have already made in the past, in the form of a tutorial post on Yes Are Makers.


phase_2 among the candidates, ten of you will be selected to prototype your idea. You will each receive a scholarship of € 200 for your prototype. You will have from Friday, December 9, 2016 to Sunday, January 29, 2017 to build your prototype and explain its construction and operation by publishing the tutorial for its manufacture. You’ll present your prototype before the jury Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at the offices of Sourcing & Creation in Villeneuve d’Ascq (59 656), or via skype if you can not move. The same evening, at the awards ceremony, the jury will announce:

  • which won the Grand Prize of the Jury, which will allow him to receive a gift voucher with a value of € 1000 in Baker or Electro deposit (depending on the preference of the winner).

  • what are participants selected to be accompanied by Sourcing & Creation up to the phase of marketing their product.


phase_3 the selected candidates will be accompanied by the Sourcing & creative team in order to achieve an industrial prototype and a presentation in front of customers Baker or Electro filing who will then decide on the marketing potential. The selected candidates will be offered a marketing contract giving them (= commission) royalties on the sales of their product.

a jury at the height of the challenge


do not hesitate to ask your questions by e-mail at to get a straight answer and see page of the challenge on the OUIAREMAKERS site .

a challenge interesting if you want to market an idea. If in addition it includes a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino… So there… 🙂


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