Android 7.1: the quick actions are compatible with Google Now Launcher [Full Guide]

version 7.1.1 of Android, including the Developer Preview is already available , allows quick access to specific features of certain applications and create shortcuts. This option is now available on the Google Now Launcher.


in addition to announcement of the Pixel and Pixel XL , Google had revealed interesting options available on the version 7.1.1 of Android. They include application shortcuts that allow direct access to specific features. In other words, to send a new SMS, simply hold on to e-mail icon and a bubble appears to be able to quickly access a new chat window. Ditto for a YouTube search.

from Android Police , this feature is now compatible with Google Now Launcher, that we were able to confirm ourselves in writing on our Nexus 6 p updated.

Source : Android Police

source: Android Police

faster, plus easy

so we could test this very well thought out novelty that allows to save time. Even better, it is also possible to create an icon dedicated to a specific feature of an application. For example, the user may visit a gesture on the Google Maps navigation mode or on my list of subscriptions YouTube.

for this, simply long press on the desired option from the menu that appears and drag the finger to where you want to store the shortcut. This feature has more merit to optimize based on your usage since it remembers your last actions in such or such applications. So, if you are reading a work on Play or listen to a playlist Play music, you can create a shortcut to access it directly from your home screen.


other soon enabled applications

only 20 applications benefit from these quick actions for the moment and all are of course Google.  Thanks to the SDK made available today, other platforms should not delay to incorporate the same features. To access the develop Preview the latest version of Android, you must use one Nexus 5 X , Nexus 6 p or a Pixel Tablet C .


Nexus 5X

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