preview Android 7.1 is here with a lot of novelties. Among them, and as for (almost) any update self-respecting, new emojis made their appearance.


emojis evolve with Android 7.1. Google seems gradually detach snapshots by offering more diverse than in the past. A significant direction.

for diversity

the great novelty of emoji, is the adding several trades . Not jealous, they are all available for both men and women. Recall that last may, Google gave the possibility to its users to choose the kind of its emoticons, to promote the diversity of the careers of women in the world of work. This is not unlike emojis Facebook Messenger who have them as well more diverse.


some other unpublished emojis are entering, it is now possible to have emojis sexed, single-parent families or new leisure activities.


to see all the new emojis, go to