Android 7.1 Nougat: night mode and the new exclusive gestures to the Pixel [Full Guide]

several of the features of Android 7.1 Nougat are exclusive to the Pixel and are never worn on the existing Nexus. Against all odds, the night mode and acts related to the fingerprint sensor, both related to a hardware component.


Google has just deploy its first version Developer Preview 7.1 on a selection of Nexus Android . If we already knew as the Pixel would benefit from some exclusive features , some have been disappointed to see that some of the new announcements were missing from their Nexus, namely mode night and movements on the sensor of prints . Ian Lake , a Googling, has clarified the situation by explaining that these two features are directly related to physical changes and can therefore never be implemented on older terminals .

new drivers and incompatible hardware

on Google +, Googling explains that the night mode Android 7.1 “ use a new component material to turn the color of the image instead of a GL Shader, which means unfortunately that requires drivers that are not present on the Nexus devices support . L e night mode remains for the time being limited to the Pixel and the next Terminal.

goes the same for the opening of the Panel notifications by sliding on the fingerprint sensor, unavailable because “ the hardware of the Nexus 6 p and 5 X can’t do not . This last part is relatively abstract and the Googling goes well in detail.

some users of Reddit remind that the Nexus 6 p has the same sensor to fingerprints than the Huawei P9 and that it offers such a feature. Unfortunately, if the hardware is the same, its implementation is different and might require a lot of work on the part of Google to change its OS and integrate the management of this simple improvement to the kernel , going against a certain unit of the source code for each device.

of the solutions already available

for more DIY, a solution is already available on the XDA forums. Thanks to the application Fingerprint Quick Action (requiring the rights root on my phone), it is possible to take advantage of the gestures on the fingerprints on the Nexus old sensor.

However, some ROMA may be incompatible with this application. Night mode for its part can easily be simulated by many applications available on the Google Store Play. This isn’t the most simple solutions, but they have the merit to exist.

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