Android 7.1 Nougat: The latest Developer Preview 1 version [Full Guide]

Thursday, October 20, Google has deployed the first Developer Preview of Android 7.1 version. Available on a very limited number of devices, it brings a lot of new features, including the very expected quick action. Let’s look at all the new features of this version.

version natively on Pixel, Android 7.1 Google Nougat will arrive later on other terminals. With regard to the Nexus 5 X , Nexus 6 p and Pixel C , a “Developer Preview” version is already available. This version primarily intended for developers can be installed by anyone with one of the affected terminals and brings a lot of new features in addition to those Android 7.0 . Here is a detailed list.

the Shortcuts App

to facilitate navigation and accelerate some actions, Google has implemented the “App Shortcuts’, a menu of quick actions in maintaining pressure on the icon of an application . Can open its SMS client directly on the window of my favorite contact, Google Play music on my playlist of the moment or YouTube on current trends.

at the time of writing these lines, only a few applications are compatible with these shortcuts, but the API was made available to developers in order to be adapted to others.


memory management

Android 7.1 allows easy release space in the internal memory of the aircraft . Either manually or automatically, this new located in the storage settings menu allows to make the household on its phone – or Tablet – for example by removing pictures after having sent them in the cloud.

always in the same vein, note that it is now possible to uninstall several applications suddenly through a multiple selection. Practice to quickly free up disk space.


reset network

in the menu «More…» “parameters is now a menu”reset network settings “. After several confirmations, to restore the factory for WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth settings. Those who appairent of many Bluetooth devices, which connect to many open networks or who drew bad APN when setting up their phone will be able to find a blank device.


the quick settings

the quick settings displayed during the first deployment of the status bar, there are now 6 instead of the 5 usually available. Gear access to parameters is also available from this screen to facilitate access and reduce the number of movements needed to get there. Similarly, the button “Edit” down right quick settings tiles gives way to a discreet pencil at the top right, right next to the gear.


new emojis

as so often with the big updates to Android, new emojis are now available on the system and directly integrated to Google keyboard. We find different variants for different trades, highlighting female figures often neglected, as well as various activities like wrestling, water polo or juggles her.


Finally a quick restart

Start menu, available in now the supported power button, contains now not one, but two actions : “extinguish” and “restart”. This last has been long requested by users, and even by some manufacturers .

recall that so far to restart its terminal, it was necessary to hold the power button for several seconds. A frustrating final manipulation by good number of users.


night mode

as already is the case at many builders, Android has now to a fashion night integrated. The latter allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen, and more particularly the quantity of emitted blue light. In this way, playback on phone or Tablet is supposed to reduce eyestrain induced and avoid sleep disorders.

Unfortunately, this feature is dependent on some components hardware , and is therefore only available on the Google Pixel. The Nexus on the other hand are not compatible.

gestures on the sensor of prints

like what offers Huawei and Honor on some of their devices, Android 7.1 allows to use the sensor of fingerprint of the phone to perform certain actions. By sliding the finger up and down on this biometric reader, we can now open the Panel of system notifications.

as for mode at night, however, this novelty is closely related to material questions and has not been deployed on the Nexus .


image credit: TechRadar

install Android 7.1 Nougat

If you want to test all these novelties, you can follow our tutorial to install Android 7.1 Nougat on Nexus one . If you do not have a Nexus it will wait that manufacturers update their terminals .

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