5 ways to customize Android than the iPhone envy always

the years pass and healthy competition between Android and iOS, making that one good ideas are always found in one form or another on the other. Rest that they each have their own features, differentiating them naturally. Here are 5 customizations that you find always only on Android, making it somewhat jealous iPhone users.


Let’s start this new folder by setting forth a general truth: there is no mobile operating system which is higher than the other, although this title is somewhat apologetic of Android. What do you want, we are on Phonandroid and we need to represent somewhat.

However, the differences between the two systems are so minimal that can relegate a lot of details to the simple ‘personal preferences ‘. Each year, the two BONES inspire each other making the winner of this fight is the final consumer.

Remains a field where Android will be always higher than its competitor, of the fact of the two philosophies that animate systems: customization, extremely free for Google and perfectly framed for Apple. This is therefore 5 customizations that iOS users envy us again.

nova launcher kitkat

make what you want of her office with a new launcher

obviously, one of the first points that allow extreme customization on Android is the ability to completely change its application launcher. On iOS, you have the choice to all of your applications on the desktop in the form predefined by Apple.

On Android, you can… do what you want. The manufacturers offer their own overlays, often inspired by Apple in the case of Chinese manufacturers, but you will never be locked into a unique philosophy.

The Store is full of applications such as Google Now Launcher, which allows you to find the Launcher of the phones Nexus, or even the Nova Launcher that allows you to precisely define each movement, each image used for your home and even install packs of icons to change the default look of some applications.

This can apply for work of course, but to try it is to adopt it: the slogan “Be together.” Not the same. “Google this year never takes over my form as a fully custom launcher.

Xperia Z3 Android Lollipop

change my lock screen for more features

you thought the application launcher was the only customizable element? Think again: the lock screen can also be changed on Android, this in order to add new innovative features or a closer look of her tastes.

However, it should be noted that the lock screens aren’t necessarily all as developed than the application launchers, with not a lot of competition. At this game, Microsoft is doing very well with Next Lock Screen.

Yes because: Android is so open that even the developers of operating systems from competitors are interested. Evidence of the opening of the platform!

Modifier le moteur de recherche par défaut de Chrome.

change default web browser

on the App Store, web browsers seeking to take the place of the preinstalled Safari from Apple are many. But ironically, these will always be amputated by a simple but devastating fact: it is still not possible to change the web browser by default on iOS.

Apple don’t like competition on this point, and did know. Is that what Google is watching the same limitation, who shot to fame thanks to its search engine and Chrome? Absolutely not: on Android, you can use any browser you like.

And you can of course save it as default browser . When the system detects 2 applications having the same function, it will ask you which application to use when opening a link for example. On this window, you can set to use by default the application you have chosen, and later change it in the settings. There is total freedom.


use another application of SMS management

Yes, Apple continues to enjoy the exclusivity of the iMessage, although Android versions are developed in the shadow. Whatever happens, you are forced to use its “Messages” application if you want to see your SMS, change not being otherwise than via jailbreak.

On Android, there again, the choice is yours. Many applications exist to replace your SMS Manager by default, including Google Messenger, which is one of the most acclaimed. Some will even offer you a built-in theme engine, making that customization never stops.

And of course, it also allows to integrate the management of SMS to other applications of chat, as Facebook Messenger for example. If you have everything in one place, you can thanks to Android.


change entirely its OS thanks Roma

and that’s an unanswerable argument for Android, Apple would of course never let on its own devices: the possibility of install a custom ROM in order to completely change its operating system.

XDA developers and the most strenuous coders will be able to ensure that their operating system is exactly like them, and this in every corner. Android is after all open source, and can therefore be changed at will.

It takes a lot of effort is, and does not necessarily require to be root : for most of the ROMA customs, an easy installation process is created and can be mastered in seconds even by the less tech savvy of us.

New features, better battery management and even latest version Android even on devices from several years ago are possible thanks to this. How can we not be conquered?

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