15 GPS watches for women

it’s been a while that I had the idea to write an article on GPS watches for women, and I’ve postponed it long. Procrastination. And then it took a Facebook comment on and an email received in the week last to decide to finally write it.

before going any further, I want to clarify that the title of this article felt me weird. So I want to make a clarification: Yes, women can choose any GPS watch. There is no GPS watches for GPS watches for men and women. I agree, we’re all running the same race and a marathon is 42km 195 for everyone. But hey, he must admit 2 things:

  • women have a thinner wrist. On the wrist of my wife, a Charge Fitbit looks already huge. Then a Forerunner 920XT… UM No.

  • the tastes and colors. I need to say more? Who wants a watch purple?

in my collection below, there are 2 types of GPS watches:

  • those that are really meant for women, because they are thin, with a fine bracelet

  • who can’t stand men models only in color

watches GPS designed specifically for women

Garmin Forerunner 25 garmin-forerunner-25

who / what : running beginner

width: 35mm

thickness: 14mm

weight: 31g

color: black/purple, White/Pink

particular Point: a screen and a bracelet smaller than the model for man

Garmin declined the 25 Forerunner in 4 models, 2 for men and 2 for women. The screen is a bit smaller (18x18mm instead of 23x23mm), so the watch is smaller and lighter (31 g instead of 39 g). But suddenly the autonomy is also slightly reduced (8 instead of 10: 00). At the level of features, it is the basis for the running (with customizable screens anyway), plus smart notifications and the tracker activity (including sleep).

TomTom Runner 2 tomtom-runner-2

for who / what: running with music


thickness: 14mm

weight: 50g

color: purple/black, white/blue

particular Point: a bracelet that is thinner than the model for man

the TomTom Runner 2 covers 3 sports (running (, bike, swimming in the pool), more modes indoors. It’s the first cardio GPS watch that integrates a music player with 3 GB of memory to save your playlists. It’s an all-in-one whose interface is decidedly simple to use. She also does tracker activity (physical activity and sleep). Another specificity: a version with a thin strap that fits the wrists of 121-175mm.

watches GPS that will fit perfectly in women

TomTom Runner 3 tomtom-runner-3

for who / what: running with music


thickness: 14mm

weight: 47g

color: Green/Black, pink/orange

the TomTom has many of the features and functionality of the Runner 2. Except that the bracelet end versions / wide bracelet disappeared to be replaced by a medium bracelet. We find the sport modes, the music player, the activity tracker. The novelty is the possibility to follow a route previously downloaded.

Garmin Forerunner 35 garmin-forerunner-35

who / what: Beginner running with cardio optics

width: 35mm

thickness: 13mm

weight: 37g

colors: green water, white

the Forerunner, 35, is the evolution of the Forerunner 25, with the integration of a cardio optical sensor on the back of the case. But this time, Garmin has provided only one size. So we find the measurements of the model man of the FR25, still lean with a much better battery life and 2g (13 h). Exciting new features, including alerts by vibration, the ability to program a simple split session but also the order of the music player of your smartphone.

Garmin Vívoactive garmin-vivoactive

for who / what: multi-sport

width: 38mm

thickness: 8mm

weight: 38g

colors: white

I hesitated to put it in the category watches GPS designed specifically for women. And then as he has that one model for men and women, I thought that my place was here. But that’s a canon GPS watch, I regularly advises women, because of the way Apple Watch design. And also because it is full of features (in addition to being cheap). Color touch screen, 10 h of battery life, GPS/GLONASS receiver, alerts by vibration, that’s for the hardware. It’s a watch sports with profiles for running, cycling, swimming (pool) and golf. And also a tracker of activity day and night. Finally, she receives smart notifications.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 samsung-gear-fit-2

who / what: active woman a little geek

width: 24mm



color: rose

the Gear Fit 2 comes in the form of a bracelet, with a large color touch screen that is curved. The Small version is destined to the wrists of 125-170mm. The 24/24 activity tracking is very comprehensive, with automatic recognition of activities and monitoring of heart rate. The sport modes use the cardio sensor and GPS, with 9 hours of battery life for your workouts. The interface is built with many widgets and Google Play allows countless possibilities of customization.

Garmin Forerunner 220 garmin-forerunner-220

who / what: running intermediate

width: 45mm

thickness: 12mm

weight: 41g

color: white/purple

Forerunner 220 remains of reasonable size and suitable for women who are looking for a few more features than what is offered 25 Forerunner. With a color screen, it includes customizable screens, vibration alerts, but also allows you to program more complex workouts (you can even download all done training programs on Garmin Connect) and set alarms on the cardio frequency or pace. On the other hand, it’s a watch more old that does smart notifications or activity tracker.

watches GPS with colors for women

Suunto Spartan Ultra suunto-spartan-ultra

for who / what: multi-sport expert

width: 50 mm

thickness: 17 mm

weight: 77 g

colors: white

the latest shows GPS Suunto cut out for adventure and the expertise of the sport. Despite a large box, the attachment of the strap system better married the contour of the wrist than other watches of this size. So, it is comfortable to wear, even for women. On the side of performance, it will reach its full potential as early 2017 after a few software updates. It’s simple, just that you may want, she gets it.

Suunto Spartan Sport suunto-spartan-sport

who / what: multi-sport expert

width: 50mm

thickness: 14mm

weight: 70g

color: rose

is the light version of the Spartan Ultra. The software and features are the same, but the hardware has some differences: thinner, lighter, no barometric altimeter, no sapphire glass and a slightly different Crown.

polar M400 polar-m400

who / what: running beginner



weight: 56g

colors: pink, white

the Polar M400 is a GPS watch for beginner running not just the minimum and at a good price. It has for example return to the point of departure, the recovery status, the running index, customizing the data screens and 4 training programs for the 5 km, 10 km and half marathon. She also receives the sMart notifications and activity tracker is. After that, its design is very feminine…

Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire garmin-fenix-3

for who / what: multi-sport expert

width: 51mm

thickness: 16mm

weight: 85g

colors: Pink/White

a beast, in every sense of the term. What I consider the best for the moment shows GPS, in terms of its functionality. Scratchproof glass Sapphire, settings and stats galore, etc. Garmin refused with a version the pink bezel and white bracelet for women. You decide if you want to wear this beast (51mm in diameter).

Garmin Forerunner 230 garmin-forerunner-230

who / what: running serious

width: 45mm

thickness: 12mm

weight: 41g

color: white/purple

be the Forerunner 220, the Forerunner 230 took hips. It’s for a good cause, since it is to accommodate a larger screen 44%, improve the autonomy of 60% (16 h) and add the GLONASS compatibility. It then recovered some of the advanced features of the Forerunner 620: estimate of VO2max, helps recovery, training effect, race time Predictor, advanced training. And like almost all of my generation GPS watches, it incorporates a 24/24 activity tracker and smart notifications.

Garmin Forerunner 235 garmin-forerunner-235

for who / what: serious running with cardio optics

width: 45mm

thickness: 12mm

weight: 42g

colors: black/green water

for 1 g, the Forerunner 235 is a Forerunner 230 with a cardio optical sensor. We have therefore a follow-up 24-hour heart rate in addition to the activity tracking and determination of heart rate at rest. It remains compatible with a cardio + ANT belt to gain precision on the intense sessions.

Garmin Forerunner 630 garmin-forerunner-630

for who / what: running expert

width: 45mm

thickness: 12mm

weight: 44g

colors: blue/white

If you are a great runneuse and still looking to improve your performance, opt for a 630 Forerunner. With 16 hours of battery life and a touchscreen, it is smaller and much lighter that other watches with advanced features. And with the Advanced running dynamics, the VO2max, the training effect, time to recovery, the lactic threshold and the training calendar, you what fun.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT garmin-forerunner-735xt

who / what: triathlon

width: 45mm

thickness: 12mm

weight: 44g

color: blue/green water

this is the latest addition to the Garmin GPS watches for triathlon, with a cardio optical sensor (except that it does not work in water). Based on the same hardware as the Forerunner 630, we find all the advanced features for running (advanced running dynamics, VO2max, support the recovery, physiological measures, etc). In addition, it offers features for swimming, as well as a MultiSport mode automatic that allows to spend one sports profile to another by pressing a button.

polar M600 polar-m600

for who / what: sports geek

width: 36mm

thickness: 13mm

weight: 63g

color: white

design isn’t one of the finest. But well, the M600 Polar has been adopted by Laury she, miss France 2011. So why not you? Its great specificity, it is to implement the OS Android Wear, which in fact a smartwatch optimized for sport by Polar. GPS, new optical cardio, touchscreen, music (4 GB memory) activity and 80 sport profiles tracker player. With Android Wear, you can download applications like Strava or Polar Flow which will be directly accessible on the watch. With the microphone, you can directly use ‘OK Google… ».


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