11 questions to... framboise314 [Full Guide]

11questionsaf314_250px Blogmotion speak every day the WEB CULTURE and NEW TECHNOLOGIES…
xhark, host of blogmotion asked me to answer 11 questions, that I accepted with pleasure 🙂
more (but not all still 🙂) and know the answer to these 11 questions, go read this article and enjoy to stroll on blogmotion … It certainly will land in your favorite 😉

  1. can you introduce yourself?

  2. what are you your life?

  3. how do you fell into the electronic world / computer?

  4. how did you F314 blog and why you blog? Your blog has become THE benchmark in France, can you give us some figures on attendance?

  5. your blog posts are very searched, how do you find the time to itemize and explain things in depth? How much time do you spend on writing a ticket on average?

  6. where your blog topic ideas?

  7. what are the digital/electronic/computer equipment you could separate you to tinker?

  8. If you had to recommend us: a paper magazine, a website and a YouTube channel, which would be are they?

  9. what do you think of the community of home automation in France?

  10. other passions outside the digital?

  11. of current or upcoming projects F314 or other?

  12. [bonus] Blogmotion, two words for you is?


about François MOCQ

electronics of origin, became a computer scientist, and passionate about new technologies, training in computer maintenance and networking and Telecommunications. Upon my arrival on the market, the potential offered by Raspberry Pi got me excited I quickly created a blog dedicated to the nano-computer (www.framboise314.fr) to share this passion. .

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