10 things you should never do with your smartphone

there are things not to do with its smartphone. In this article, we therefore decided to retain a dozen. If some appear obvious, others are much less, and yet you do them every day. We explain why in this survival of the Android smartphone user guide and especially how to avoid the worst.

1. Don’t ever… avoid using a lock screen

earlier where our life or almost is contained within our smartphones, this is a mistake which can be very expensive. A simple lock screen is not supposed to be voyeurs remotely, it especially lets you save time on a potential thief. It will then not have the time nor the opportunity to call numbers premium: the theft statement and the blocking of the smartphone by the police or by your operator can sometimes take a long time. In fact, he will have to perform a restore to the factory settings to use your smartphone, which protects some of your personal data, including your Facebook account , Twitter and other identifiers emails. Your photos however will still be accessible in the majority of cases. 

AndroidPIT Lock Screen Huawei Mate7 2
set your device to make a fingerprint, a code or a schema required to access. © ANDROIDPIT

2. Most never… forget to update your smartphone

improvements in security, autonomy, overheating and connection data, the Builder and operator updates are essential to ensure a decent life for your Android smartphone. So put your smartphone to update regularly, but also applications!

AndroidPIT Android N vs Android M 7747
Maybe one day we will have Android Nougat. © ANDROIDPIT

3. Don’t ever… to charge your smartphone via USB

charge a smartphone via a USB to a computer, it is much, much less effective than via a standard charger. By the way, make sure that your charger is good, your cable also. If battery charging problems, these are the first suspects. 

AndroidPIT type c cable 0629
whether c-Type or classic, it is better to use your USB cable to connect the phone to sector rather than on your PC. © AndroidPIT

4. Most never… forget to back up your data

files, photos and other data doesn’t disappear not like that, but many are the cases where the user must perform a factory reset, and it loses all its application data, files and identifiers. Save, before any risky operation, flash root or mod but also on a regular basis, by copying the backups to another medium, such as a PC. 

5. don’t ever… store online all your data

in the same vein, you can back up your data on cloud platforms. If some are more reliable than others, keep in mind that many are the targets of hackers, and your personal data may be disclosed in the eyes of strangers in a jiffy. So remember to secure them with an application such as Boxcryptor. Do not forget to make copies on physical media (computer, hard drives, USB keys…).

androidpit best backup apps 15
no need for physical media, you can save your files directly online. © ANDROIDPIT

6. Don’t ever… ignore how to maintain the battery

there are security measures. A battery won’t die suddenly if your gauge is increased to 2% while you use your smartphone, but there are a few good reflexes to improve longevity and the autonomy of the device. Avoid to let off your battery level too low too regularly, anyway, you will see that the behavior of your device becomes sometimes strange and unstable when this is the case. Also avoid leaving your connected smartphone when its battery is full. 

If you pull too much on your battery and is not first youth or just a little lower quality, so she can inflate, to which cases should be changed immediately, it can go up to the explosion in extreme cases.

AndroidPIT Smartphone Overheating 2592
If you don’t take care of your battery, it could play you a trick. © AndroidPIT

7. Most never… forget to protect the screen of your smartphone

If you are refractory to the hulls and other cases, protect at least the screen of your device. In addition to coatings supposed to avoid scratches, there are also real glasses coming to bulletproof your smartphone screen. If you do fall, whatever its strength, a fall on an angle will be in most of the fatal cases.

8. don’t ever… use your smartphone in a wet environment

this basic rule is more important than it looks: a manufacturer may refuse support under warranty if its sensors have detected an exposure to moisture out of “normal use”. Don’t believe that certified IP57, 58 or 68 smartphones are safe: they are designed to survive immersion up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes for most, and are protected against dust. Prolonged exposure to moisture is different, and can be a problem, particularly at the level of the screen.

motorola moto g 2015 water
all smartphones are not resistant to water. © ANDROIDPIT

9. Most never… forget to remove incriminating photos

away from me the idea to insinuate that you lead a life of depraved, but useless to expose the photos from last night at work, for example. Applications like WhatsApp, Messenger and other Instagram are on the list of the culprits: the photos automatically appear in the gallery. You can disable this feature very simply, and without root: how to hide the photo albums in the Gallery on Android?

10. Most never… buy a smartphone with grant without checking if there is a gain

well, it does not use itself of an Android smartphone, but it’s an important detail. Whatever your calculations, buy a naked smartphone is in the vast majority of cases cheaper than opt for a smartphone with package (awarded a grant operator) in the long term. Before opting for this kind of purchase, ask yourself if you would not gain by the change by buying a naked smartphone.

You take other precautions to ensure the survival and longevity of your Android? Tell us all!

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