ZTE Axon mini 7: price, features, and availability [Full Guide]

the promise:

marketed during the summer, the ZTE Axon 7 surprised by the technical features it offers, but especially considering the price at which it is displayed: nearly €200 less than the standard doors of the manufacturers. In addition, mobile is equal with the latter game if we look at the performance. A true flagship-killer.

in the manner of the compact Sony, this ZTE Axon 7 today comes in a mini version. Understand that the screen diagonal is more modest: 5.2 inches against 5.5 inches for Axon 7. The technical specifications have been (unfortunately) downgraded just like the price. The Axon 7 mini is available around €299 via the import shops.

worry, the connection of the ZTE Axon 7 mini is all also provided than my illustrious elder. Fingerprint reader, USB Type-C, location for a Micro-SD card (support up to 256 GB), compatibility with the Quick load 2.0 (to find 50% battery in half an hour to load). What compete with other powerful and affordable smartphones: Lenovo Moto G4 Plus or Huawei P9 Lite .

our view:

this Axon 7 mini ZTE has the advantage of being a more compact and less expensive the Axon 7 declination. From the point of view design and finishes, the quality is the same. The smartphone has an aluminum shell offering a good level of adherence. The only catch here is the photo sensor which, quite prominent, of the hull rear spring mobile. Resulting effect horse rocking when you place the mobile on a surface level (such as a table).

the photo sensor has also been revised downwards: 20 Megapixels with Aperture f/1.8 on the Axon 7 against 16 Megapixels and an opening to f/1.9 for the Axon mini 7. Note that the sensor has always its phase detection autofocus.

the ZTE Axon 7 mini is a great deal of affordable and efficient mobile market.

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