[Tutoriel] how to stream its parts of live mobile games [Full Guide]

a few years ago, a young Norwegian said: “I will film me playing video games and put it on YouTube. Today, this young man (my nickname PewDiePie), has 42 million subscribers.

since they are thousands to stream their gaming sessions, and the Twitch platform has completed registration practice in customs. Twitch, it’s the string of the “priority to live.” Designed for the PC and consoles, service opens to the mobile game. Announced in 2014, live streaming from the Twtich application is still not available on Android, except to use some devices (the Nvidia Shield Tablet, for example, or some Xperia Sony via the Live screen streaming app).

pending an official support, it will go through additional solutions. We chose here the simplest, most effective and most universal in our eyes: the Gusher app unfortunately paid (€0.99 / month) at the end of the trial period. But before jump you into frenzied parts followed by millions of viewers, it must pass through the creation and configuration of your account Twitch… on PC.

the latter, but not the least: for streamer in good conditions, a perfectly stable Internet connection is required, with a flow of at least 2 MB/second. More the flow, the more you can spread with a high image quality, without slowdowns.

the stream key:

some stream software ask the stream of your Twitch, a kind of security code account key. To find it, go to your dashboard, click on stream then Show Key key and I understand .

delete my account Twitch:

if it is time for you to hang up the joystick, go to the parameters your account Twitch and under profile , click disable the account (bottom). Enter your password and click on Disable Account .

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