Swamp Attack: don't touch my swamp! [Full Guide]

ah marshes, nauseating smells, its mosquitoes to another world, and my horde of aggressive creatures.

in good landowner, it is your duty to defend your plot of land, with crocodiles and other mutant Beaver who invaded the premises.

Swamp Attack is an arcade game whose goal is to repel waves of increasingly more powerful enemies.

you begin the game with a single shotgun. Throughout the levels, you unlock new weapons, among the UZI, M16, the flamethrower, or even the good old gatling and my infernal firing rate.

you can enhance the characteristics of each gun. This, to parts, parts that you collect during the assaults.

Note that you can also count on several secondary weapons such as dynamite, or molotov cocktails.

the game takes on the look of tower defense, at a certain level. It is possible to install barricades, Spades, and plates of metal, to slow the advance of the opponents.

a friendly game, which don’t forget to include its share of in-app purchases.

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