Nantes: Raspberry Pi Conference, visit the Editions ENI and... Tourism [Full Guide]

conference_250px A invitation Editions ENI and Nantes Digital Week , I hosted a conference on the Raspberry Pi Monday, September 19.
I then visited the ENI Editions to discover the steps of making a computer book, since the PAO formatting until the expedition.
Finally because I resided in Guérande Nantes this weekend, I propose a few images of this stay which was also tourism 🙂.

images of the conference were sent in real-time on the twitter account of the ENI Editions , I offer you these pictures and many more at the conference in the form of a gallery to browse…

at the end of the conference, two persons who had filed a paper with their name in a basket won my book (autographed) for one and a Raspberry Pi starter kit for the other 🙂. Developed by Kubii , specialist of the Raspberry Pi, this Kit contains built-in Raspberry Pi 3 model B 1 GB with WIFI and BLUETOOTH card, the new official case of the Foundation, NOOBS micro SD 16 GB card and a power supply 5V 2, 5.

thanks to everyone who came out to attend this conference.

If you have an hour, here is the video of this conference.

the trip to Nantes was the opportunity to visit the Editions ENI and meet the people that I am related to my books for several years, without having ever met them.

I invite you to a visit of ENI, again in the form of an image gallery…

I had some feedback on the blog of people who after intensive use of their book, had found that pages could come unstuck. This has been fixed with the commissioning of the new binding machine that prepares the package of leaves before gluing by practicing grooves. This improves the holding of the glue that has also been replaced by a more powerful product that guarantees a good performance in time.

this visit was an opportunity to meet the team that deals with computer books at ENI. In all services received quality 🙂.

that is, the “technical” part of this article ends here. I’ll offer you some pictures of the Guérande region carried out during this stay Nantais. You watch them if you are interested 😉

cote_sauvage the stay in the region of Nantes was also the opportunity to visit the region of Guérande:

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