Lenovo Yoga Book 10: price, features and availability [Full Guide]

the promise:

with its Yoga Book 10, the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo target market dedicated to professionals. The one where the devices at once powerful and affordable offers are rare…

Lenovo Yoga Book 10 is available for the month of September in two versions: one Android to €499, other Windows 10 to €599 . The Lenovo Yoga Book 10 is presented as the 2-in-1 tablet the thinnest in the world: its thickness, once folded slate, reached 9.6 mm. Forged in aluminum and magnesium, the tablet shall finishes and upscale. Being a hybrid tablet, the two parts of the Lenovo Yoga Book are held by a hinge offering a large range of motion. Understand that you can completely fold the keyboard on the screen (to protect her when you carry) or put in Tripod mode.

on the side of the technical base, the Lenovo Yoga Book 10 a strong. Quad-Core Intel Atom processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB of available storage (expandable via Microsd)… what offer a seamless experience with the office uses. Note that the office suite Microsoft Office Mobile is available for free from the launch of the tablet.

our view:

Lenovo Yoga Book 10 stands out as a much cheaper alternative to all hybrid cameras designed for professional uses. Making available a stylus, this last named Real Pen takes a nice feature. You put a notebook on the keyboard then you write on it (the pen Board of real ink), your text is directly scanned on the slate. Handy if you have the habit of losing what you write on paper.

the keyboard, everything polished, glass offers a precise strike, but not as comfortable as a conventional computer keyboard, where the feeling of pressure of the keys is present.

Finally on the side of the interface, you have the right here to Android 6.0 Marshmallow adapted by the manufacturer. This version of the Google OS is strongly think about Windows 10. For convenience, you can connect a mouse to the USB port on the Lenovo Yoga Book.

enduring, efficient, ergonomic and especially more affordable than its competitors, Lenovo Yoga Book is a very attractive and balanced.

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