How to cheat at video games [Full Guide]


cheat, this is wrong! Yes, but it’s at least as old as the first rule of the first game that has existed. Faced with adversity, there are those who struggle and those who circumvent the problem. Candy Crush, Clash Of Clans, Minecraft, Boom Beach, Fallout Shelter or Clash Royale. All these games have one thing in common. It is possible to cheat is very simply. The trick is called Xmodgames and will soon become the best companion of your rooted device. As more than a tool deviating, Xmod allows you to cheat intelligently to advance in the game, but especially to progress and better understand the different mechanics.

infinite lives!

you’re not going to become, the day overnight, the best player of the world, but you will certainly make it more interesting to play free-to-play. For example, on Candy Crush, you can block the number of movements and thus play an infinite number. So finished the levels where you are losing precious lives, as you arrive at the end of the number of movements. Less subtly, you can artificially inflate your score with higher multipliers and thus to taunt your friends on social networks.

the most interesting Mod is without doubt the game Clash of Clans. Here you can use a function called “sandbox”. That is, you will simulate the opponent and be able to train yourself to attack him with troops you want at the level you want. Convenient to romp on the world number 1 or train before an onslaught of clan war. The other interesting feature research, since you ask for to automatically fall on an opponent whose coffers are full. In short, there are many opportunities with Xmod.

attention banishment:

many rumours circulate on Xmod, especially with regard to the Mod for Clash of Clans. You won’t be wasting your village or you will not be banned if you use it. Xmod is a training tool, more than to cheat. It allows you to test, copy and simulate. No danger to the balance of the game and so no reason for Supercell, the editor of Clash of Clans to banish him.


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