Android 7.1 Nougat could finally integrate a button "restart" [Full Guide]

after many years punctuated with various claims, Google fit finally the function “restart” in the start menu in the Android Nougat 7.1 update. Better late than never…


when performing a long pressure on the power of an Android device button, a menu appears. It is currently offering only one option on the Nexus, namely turn off my phone. For a long time, custom third-party manufacturers and developers of Roma have understood that this is not sufficient and also incorporate a “restart” option. There are many who were waiting for Google to follow the movement … in vain.

Finally a function “restart”

it seems nevertheless that the prayers to the God of the research have finally been heard. A “reliable source” site AndroidPolice , known for its serious, Android 7.1 offers currently in its test version of the Pixel and Pixel XL , the long-awaited option. The information is supported by a photo close-up of the menu in question, although this proves nothing since it might as well be an alternative ROM.

a still uncertain implementation

as the precise rightly AndroidPolice, this option has not been officially announced by Google and is at the present moment on devices under development. Suffice to say that my arrival on our devices is not guaranteed at present, and it will be October 4, date of announcement of the Pixel and Pixel XL (and), to get to the bottom.

in the meantime, it is always possible to keep the button pressed to restart its Nexus. A slightly slower and less intuitive practice.

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