Wow! Vote for the winners! :)

Wow! Vote for the winners! 🙂

by Olivier Roland

WOW! That’s it!

Thanks to your votes, 8 champions were selected out of the 16 pre-selected participants to enter the competition, many THANKS! 🙂 ( you can see the original article here ).

I have considered only votes that mentioned 4 videos – saw it was the instructions. – And here are the results in a different order to that votes are neutral

You choose 4 winners! Watch these 8 videos and tell me in the comments what 4 you prefer! 🙂

1 – Thomas Beguin blog Russia shares how Blogger Pro has enabled it to generate 13,000 euros in his last start of his training Objective Russian , it compliments receives every day, and all the other changes he has had in his life.

2 – Enzo Duval blog Ex shy who shares how Blogger Pro helped him overcome his own shyness, has helping others timid, and reach new partners


3 – Nicolas Elzeard blog The best cycling event in your life , which shares how Blogger Pro allows it to be paid for his passion (cycling), how he now realizes 60% of its turnover by working one day a week, how he made € 40,436 in the last six months with his blog … and how to jump into the water! 🙂

4 – Eliane Hebert of Blog Anti Cancer , who signs his first video and shares his touching story and what Blogger Pro brings him


5 – Maxence Rigottier blog Running , which shares how Blogger Pro has enabled him to achieve 71,495 euros of sales in 2014, receiving lots of gifts, moving to Malta and be free and happy 🙂

6 – Anne-Estelle Dal Pont blog Parenting , which shares the TOP 7 things that changed his life thanks to Pro Blogger:

7 – Maxime Gréau blog Happy in his life shares how Blogger Pro has enabled him to greatly expand his audience and simply make the world happy … while better supporting himself before and being geographically totally free! 🙂

(sound does not work in the right channel so if you do not hear the voice of Maxim, simply plug headphones! 😉)

8 – Julien Prest blog A world for introverts who shares how Blogger Pro has dramatically accelerated its learning and blogging has allowed him to reach a wide audience


The challenge is hard, so I need your opinion! Tell me in the comments what are the 4 videos you prefer!

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