Why online games can improve your productivity? [Full Guide]


I do not consider myself a “geek” but I admit that I like sometimes spend several hours on my computer, playing different games, mostly to clear my head and not think about work or personal problems that I might have. A bit like playing sports or going to the movies. But it occurred to me recently clear that the benefits of computer games, especially games online, went far beyond the simple peace of mind.

Improving skills

Indeed, if your thoughts will not be attached to your daily life, your brain will greatly yet in use, and will be more prepared when the challenges will be presented in reality. I really see online games now like a second school of life, which allows you to develop skills not that easy to work normally.

For those who are unfamiliar with the gaming world as StarCraft or WarCraft , be aware that these games with almost infinite possibilities require concentration at all times, and require a high level of confidence to be able to take maximum right decisions in a short time. I read that the best players in the world were performing up to 400 shares per minute. Imagine such efficiency applied in the world of work, and you will understand how powerfully your productivity could be increased.

Develop cognitive abilities

Another good way to develop cognitive abilities on the internet is the famous online poker. First, a simple part involves several critical qualities in our lives if we want to learn to be more efficient. Thus, self-confidence, playing the game of his opponents, the strength to resist the pressure, the courage to take the decision, the wisdom to withdraw before going too far, much needed benefits if this is essential to social success.

For my part, having played for several months, part by part, I recently developed multi-tabling on the site of PokerStars , which is well thought out for it. The multi-tabling, it simply means to play multiple tables at the same time, I stopped by me at ten at the moment, but some are able to play on a hundred. There, poker becomes completely different. It is more to judge his opponents, but to take the most logical decisions statistically in a minimum of time, be able to analyze the situation of a table within seconds and make the appropriate movement before moving in the following table and so on.

Example of multi-tabling

The positive consequences in terms of productivity, concentration and speed of execution are quickly felt. I personally felt that I improved myself in these multi-tabling assignments because I was more calm about them to force me to dive.

Conclusion and warning

The negatives of these online games are rare but still present and it seems to me important not to ignore them. The main risk games such as StarCraft is addiction, which endangers the social life of many young people around the world, we must be limited to sales to two hours, and not every day. As in poker, the risk is financial.

Once aware of these issues, the online game is a great way to improve in many areas, especially mentally, without even realizing it.

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