What social network choose for your business?

At first, I want to tell all of you

The more you are now on social networks, the more you are seen and cover all possibilities of finding potential customers and establish a community . However, lack of time or dedicated community manager, you can choose the most likely to match you.

This is at first a quick overview of the major social networks, certainly the best known, there are many others. This will give you a first visibility and allow you to see more clearly about the purpose of their creation and the opportunities that are proposed.

You will also find the link for each widget to download and install on your WordPress site.

Facebook, the inevitable!


Founded in 2004, Facebook has more than 1.59 billion registered more than 30 million monthly active users in France, Facebook is the social network of reference in France.

22 million daily users would connect 17 million via their mobile, so consider make your site responsive if it is not already. In fact, if you choose to join the 2 million businesses that advertise on Facebook, the user does not change support to surf your site.

Also that 73% of registered Facebook are followers of competitions, this can be an advantage if you want to make your company by this type of action.

sharing your page could be one of your conditions for participation in the game and this can quickly become viral, with a significant increase in mentions of your page I like the time of the contest. It will be as many people likely to see your future publications, and so you could start building a community.

Whether you are a business service or product sales, no matter the Facebook business pages offer wide range of opportunities, contact details, access your office or store hours, cat, photo albums.

You can create an ad campaign for your Facebook page that will generate entries j ‘ love, campaigns to drive traffic to your site, you can create a free event and set it by including a promotional code for example.

as with almost all the networks can now be checked his account, some evidence will be required, validation takes very little time, and a validated account is very well positioned in the search Facebook.

at Facebook, people who like your page, are your fans , posting information you share content you like and other accounts.

starting from a personal profile you can create one or more pages pros.
one tip, if you only want not the link to be made with your own personal page, create a dedicated on which you will base your business account

to include your WordPress site, it’s here. https: //fr.wordpress.org/plugins/facebook-by-weblizar/

Twitter, the micro blogging


Limited to 140 characters, the message we publish on twitter is called “Tweet.”

we can now tweet a photo or video, however, the tweets you write may refer the reader to articles published on your website or blog, see your Facebook page, as indeed in 140 characters is said not much.

to go to the basics on twitter hashtags used (#) used to do do not sentence but to place the goal of the tweet, hashtags are counted of 140 characters but avoid long sentences

for example, to announce the balances you can write this:. #soldes in @maboutique #demain # bonnesaffaires dés8h00 # # -50%

you’ll understand twitter lets you make short, and it is not worse sometimes, however, I recommend to attach photos to your tweets almost systematically, in his news feed your subscriber will be more easily attracted the eye to a photo or a video.

in Twitter, people who follow you are your followers, you tweet information you retweet the . content and you subscribe to accounts

to include your WordPress site, it is here: https://href.li/?https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/twitter/

Instagram, sharing photos and videos


Developed by Facebook, Instagram, launched in 2003 with 400 million active accounts of which 75% outside the US.
Instagram is a visual social network, publication of picture and videos are masters.

namely, Instagram works only on smartphones, but you can find applications Apple Store and Windows Store to make its possible use from a computer.

in Instagram, you have subscribers, you publish photos or videos you subscribe to accounts which you like and reviewing publications, and you share the content you love.

you can share with the accounts that follow you or you follow, which limits the vitality of content compared to other networks where some contents do .. around the web within hours

Note that 85% of major brands are present on Instagram

to include your WordPress site, it is here: https://href.li/?https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/add-instagram/



Pinterest, created in 2010, is a mix of social networking and photo album.

you create albums on which you pin pictures, and you even you subscribe to tables created by other users.
others, subscribers or not your profile will take pictures of your pictures (albums) and pin them to their own tables.

the use or purpose networks like Instagram or Pinterest may seem a little blurry at first.
I suggest you try, you will lose some to better tame this type of network.

at Pinterest pin you photos on your tables, you have subscribers and subscribers are

to include your WordPress site, it’s here. https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/pinterest-widget-plus/



with 300 hours of online videos and 43,000 videos viewed each minute is 1 460 billion per year, you tube ads figures that make your head spin.

80% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US.

Created in 2005, Youtube is managed by the Internet, they put online videos by creating accounts or strings you tube, these videos are viewed, commented and often reach views of records, whose figures are publicly visible underneath each video site.

Many companies have created You tube channels and published videos featuring products, advertising spots, tutorials, graphics, and promotional support, advertising, informational or learning.

for the include your WordPress site, it is here: https://href.li/?https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/wp2yt-uploader/

Linkedin, network pros


the primary purpose of Linkedin, created in 2003, is networking among pros, so I will not say whether it is a social network you to create a user or future customer community.
Rather professional thus excluding any potential customer, but including the possibility of recruiting and partnership.

The free party offers some features and will go on a paid subscription after trial months.

you will have to choose from four subscriptions of € 21.99 to € 74.95, after selecting the formula that suits you best.

once your personal page is created, you can start the business page, present, promote, recruit future employees or partners, so you will be the administrator.

to include your WordPress site, it is here: https://href.li/?https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/ptc-linkedin-widget/

Google +


the latter was created to compete directly with Facebook and is considered the second largest social network. The latest statistics show 90 million users.

After creating a Google account, you will have access to several features, including the creation of a Google + account or G + for short.

easy to set G + is easy to master. On registration you choose to follow pre-defined news areas and you can join groups, one to the feeling of being halfway between Facebook and Linkedin.

You can create circles relationship and discussions and your post look like blog posts.

at G +, you are followed and follow the profiles, you publish posts.

to include your site WordPress is here: https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/google-plus-widget-plus/

When and how to publish on the networks?

Note that a tool like Hootsuite allows you to manage up to three social networking accounts in its free version, offering you the opportunity to have views each without you connect individually programmed even your posts, and save time by setting up a publishing schedule.

the organization will be so much easier if you have yourself, internally, a view of all marketing activities you will undertake over the coming weeks. For example you can, in addition to your daily posts, published on the occasion of St. Patrick or Black Friday, Halloween, sports events …. Paste the calendar is good for specific actions and gives a certain rhythm.

The hours of publications, when and how will publish issues that quickly come to mind, only factual analyzes give you the right answers, and after some tests.

If you talk to the 12-17 years you will not have the same level of presence by hours on the network when you are addressing a population active or the housewives will be available once the little posed to school.

It is important to space your story publications not in balance 3 with a stroke of good morning, then radio silence all day . Everything must go into a marketing strategy, taking care of texts and images, try not to live as a task that must be disposed of.

The best days and times for publications, ultimately it is up to you determine after some tests.

It is often advisable to publish on Twitter least 5 times a day. Hire the tweets that have worked best in terms of interest, keep these beaches and then modify if need other, you will quickly find your own pace which is largely determined by your target.

All the networks do not have the same target, even if it is a single company.

  • on Facebook, post at least twice a day as well as Google + on these networks, your posts are complete, accompany the photos or videos.

  • Pinterest and Instagram are greedy because there is no visible text at first glance, so to stand out and attract attention, publish at least 20 times a week.

  • on Linkedin, be present every day, at least once a day and keep in mind that your publications will be seen by professionals, do not do so too.

Finally, insert systematically on all your posts and whatever the network, the link back to your site or company blog. The goal of course is to establish and sustain a community, but also to drive traffic to your site.

How to behave towards others?

Of course it This is not to like or follow a competitor, but rather adhere to the pages related to your business or image you want to send. If you sell clothing for children, you can join any brand of nutrition or equipment or finally to humanitarian causes.

You want to communicate on a green image and responsible for your company, here too you accounts related that allow you to position yourself. Some people have already joined these pages may, by extension, follow you.

Please feel free to communicate as a company involved through its pages and their purpose or actions. Get out often as commercial publications habits and so give a human dimension and accessible is very well seen.

not like or do not share your own posts, n ‘ harass people not to be followed, you will have exactly the opposite effect.

If you establish partnerships with another company or Facebook page, ensure that participants enjoy your two pages to validate their interests . So you will have references I like the followers or subscribers from your partner’s page because the whole purpose is there in the partnership, you know and adhere to your community.

Accept no partnerships that seem to you one way or which you feel at a disadvantage, especially if you are the company that offers the lot.

Finally and in conclusion, keep your updated profile, a profile on a network abandoned is not the best effect, your profile is an extension of your website

soon on the networks.)

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