Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Newbie Student Bloggers To Earn More Money [Quick Guide]

I want to quickly share some affiliate marketing tips for newbies who’s blog is running on WordPress!
Some of the affiliate marketing tips I’ll be giving here can be generalized and used in other platforms including blogger provided you can write the codes involved.

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In the past we have spoken much about affiliate marketing but it’s only how to get started with it. I showed students how to register as an affiliate marketer with Jumia and Konga and also what you need to know about affiliate marketing but I never really gave any tips for one to succeed as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria and that’s what I hope to do in this thread.

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If you have been into affiliate marketing as a blogger but haven’t gotten much out of it, it can be due to some things which you have overlooked. Read this post to see some of the affiliate marketing mistakes you may be making now and work on them to increase your earnings!
To start with, it’s important to make it clear that succeeding as an affiliate marketer is not a one day thing! You can earn so much in one day and on the next day, you’ll not be able to earn anything.

That’s the power of affiliate marketing. Earn 1k today, tomorrow 10k,and the next 0k.
It’s all dependent on whether people purchase things through your link and if you happen to be monetizing with some companies that don’t make sales or deliveries on some special days, your affiliate marketing links will not be able to help you earn any money on such days because earning as an affiliate marketer is fully dependent on whether you make any sales or not.

With that in mind, let’s see how you can earn more money as an affiliate marketer!

Some useful tips to Increase Earnings as an Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria for WordPress bloggers

1. Don’t do it Manually if you can Automate

This is the number one trick for earning higher with affiliate marketing. If you can automate the links generated that leads to sales, you should do just that because it’s.

  • Faster, no time to create a link to each product

  • Safer, links are updated every time the page loads instead of being static and expiring!

  • Smarter, you can’t always be smarter than the scripts that have been generated to pick up what the user may want to purchase and highlight it.

  • You don’t contribute any more than register and install. Yes, unlike the normal static ads, you just have to install the code and it will do the rest!

There is little to no reason why you should not be using javascript ad codes which automates the process when you have the chance.

The only set back can be the fact that javascript can affect site load speed which is important for Website Seo, but the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about this unless you already have other javascript ad codes running!

So, Automate your affiliate links and earn higher! You can always supplement with Html ad codes too.

2. Market what’s relevant to your Audience

This is one of the most basic things you should keep in mind as an affiliate marketer. You should and must always market what your audience is interested in. If you do otherwise, joy stand a chance to loose them or at the very least discomfort them because it’s not of any use to them so they will see the ads as annoying!

So, sign up for products which you are sure that your visitors will have interest in.

It can actually be tempting to market those clothes because they have higher affiliate share for marketers but it doesn’t check out in the end.
As a blogger, your first mission should be users acquisition, retention & satisfaction and not monetization because with much users, surely the monetization can be made easier.

So, do not sacrifice your precious users by posting what they won’t like which will eventually drive them away.

Go on today and sign up for networks that have an abundance of what your users might be interested in! That way, you can be sure to notice an increase in the amount you earn from your affiliate marketing efforts.

3. Use Bright Images

Note, bright images does not mean Leader boards and 6mb images. A simple image that’s bring and descriptive can help drive more and more clicks to your affiliate links and when you have high clicks from an interested audience, you stand a chance to make more sales and in return, you make some more money!
The trick is simple, place your images and links in places where they will be seen properly and people can see them as well as click.
Don’t hide your affiliate links down there where Noone knows they are existing.

4. Use More than One Affiliate Network
The formula here is simple. If you can do it with one, you an surely do it better with two blogs! Two blogs well kept and managed will mean more traffic and more people looking at your ads. Why not seize that opportunity to market your affiliate links where people will see them and stand a chance to Earn more.

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In fact, you’ll most definitely earn more money as an affiliate marketer If you have your ads on two blogs than when you have them on only one blog!

So, open a new blog and set up your affiliate links there in too. You should be able to make some more money through your affiliate marketing adventure.
For now, that’s the tips I have for affiliate marketers. I’ll be looking more into this topic in the near future.
Stay cool and keep it up! It’s always hard at first

Tell me when you make it with affiliate marketing! Am willing to hear your story.


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