Think WP: We Think WordPress! And you?

27% of global web use, very large groups and companies have made it their favorite CMS and yet who never heard

  • WordPress is just for blogging

  • WordPress is not secure

  • WordPress is not true for a site

So many truths against the need to restore.

Strengthened by this, Deborah Donnier and Emilie Lebrun had the idea to launch a documentary called Think WP !

Think WP . The project

ThinkWp is a documentary project to make known and promote WordPress, community and ecosystem in France

through various testimonies, it will to discover the Open Source solution to the greatest number and present users, companies and professionals who use it every day.

dozens of players in the WordPress ecosystem will be interviewed about several questions.

  • what is WordPress?

  • what is the strength of this CMS?

  • Who today use WordPress and why such a success?

  • How to succeed, and what are the pitfalls to avoid when specializes on WordPress?

Based on the model of we Love Entrepreneurs, which by its quality and story telling was able so highlight many french entrepreneurs, Think WordPress project is launched.

A two-stage project

the first step is the realization of this teaser ( below), less than 2 minutes, based on initial interviews conducted in April, May and June in Lyon, Paris and Nimes.

the tone is given and the quality is already waiting for you!

the second step will be to collect throughout France, the many hours of testimony in order to achieve the final assembly of the 50-minute documentary.

Think Wp needs you!

to achieve this, the team of Think Wp needs you , the french players of this community . To rent or buy equipment, fund travel in the cities of France and sometimes rental locations. They also need your financial contribution in the form of free donation or sponsorship.

To value a maximum of professionals and users of WordPress, which today are parties or not to the French community, ThinkWp looking for maximum contact and interested persons to testify.

through this project, you help WordPress and you support its ecosystem.

Share the project and make it known around you, on your website or blog. You want to be interviewed or to help out on the assembly or filming

Do not hesitate to contact Think WP 😉

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