Stop Increasing Adsense Cpc And Use Link Units To Improve Earnings [Quick Guide]

It’s all about AdSense monetization techniques that are effective and here we will be treating link units and how they can help increase AdSense revenue on low traffic. I was on my way to lectures today when someone stopped me on the way. he was like,
“bro, finally, I have gotten Adsense approval but my CPC is low. how do I increase it?”
When I heard it, I first smiled and went straight to the point,
“hey dude, you don’t look for ways to increase Adsense CPC as long as you are using a Nigerian AdSense account, your CPC will continue to remain terribly low”
So, am going to go in details her to explain what I meant and what one can do to increase Adsense earnings without increasing CPC instead we will go with the link units approach.

adsense Cpc .png

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When I first started out with AdSense myself, I thought it was all about CPC. I used to get CPC that hangs around $.07-$0.10. The stuff just kept running up and down and I was curious just as you are now. I made some calls and did some research but all I could here was the same thing. Same stuff that sucks. What I was told and why they really suck.

1. [Adsense Fake Pro tip] Post More about Topics that have High demand because they attract High Paying Ads: Wow, really? things like what exactly? you will start hearing things like

High CPC Adsense keywords

Cpc vs clicks.png

  • Housing and real estate

  • Seo consultancy

  • Cars in the USA

  • and a bunch of them.

Those are cool but its a waste of my time because I don’t know anything about cars in USA or Antartica nor do I know anything about Real Housing, estate, etc.
Plus I believe that you should base your writings about things which you know very well and not what pays. Cool, I can’t go with that!
The other thing you may hear from these gurus,

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2. [Adsense Fake Pro tip] Get Traffic from the USA: Really? and how am I gonna do that? Change my geographical target to the most powerful country in the world just because I wanna get US traffic and then after that, what happens? Write what exactly? share what? Of course, I can’t do those, AM A NIGERIAN and the people I really care about, about whom my blog was created were Nigerians. So, why will Adsense and their money make me change the focus of my blog just because I wanna increase CPC which is not even sure that it will Increase if I do it!

All those are stories as far as am concerned and if you do them, you are on a very looong thing. I mean, if you start changing the focus of your blog just because you want to increase your AdSense CPC in ways as discussed above, you are not worth being called a blogger.
You should read this to understand what am saying…gs-is-not-worth-it-the-right-way-to-blog.909/

So, what works? How can I increase Adsense CPC as a Nigerian using a Nigerian AdSense account or probably as someone from any of the African countries because am sure that Nigerians get one of the best CPC in Africa and if Nigerians are in a rush to increase their CPC, how about Guinea and Togo???
Here we go…

The only way to successfully increase your Adsense earnings is not to try increasing the CPC but adjusting your AdSense ads and site design to pull in a possible traffic while bringing your ads into the right positions in which they will receive a possible clicks without bringing the Adsense guys to your blog with their guns! Trust me, once you mess up with these guys, two things are involved,

  • suspension

  • outright ban!

  • if you are lucky, site level warning.

Back to business bro. There are different tactics for one to increase earnings by ad placement and I have already dealt with some of them in the past but this is one sure trick I wanna share here which I decided to use after a friend of mine suggested it and truly it gave my Adsense income a push towards the North-Eastern part of the earning graph!
So, what did I learn and what did I do?

What I learned

maximize ad space with Link units

What did I do?

Just as I was told!


Just keep reading…

Adsense Links Units are the Magic format!

adsense link ads .png
Are you not using links ads? you are missing.
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Are you using text ads and you are not making the most out of them? then it’s probably because you don’t know how to use them! this is how to do so…
Text ads can be used in 3 different locations on your site. Meaning, you can place 3 link ads 3 times on the same page [sen-totology]
So, go ahead and create link units and make sure that you are using the very best form of these ads. Google Adsense has provided you with different forms of the very same advert but not all of them are so great. I have tried most and I will recommend the responsive format for link ads for anyone.

Create Responsive Links ads put them on your blog in this order

  1. Headers, Just after your breadcrumb because you cannot afford to sacrifice your seo for the sake of $$$. Never make that mistake my dear.

  2. Footers, Just after your breadcrumbs again

  3. In Post, just after the first 150 words possibly after your reader is engrossed in the post and can click whatever is clickable provided it makes sense and related to the post and of course depending on how compelling it is. If you don’t like long posts#, then leave it at 50 words! that’s just 5 sentences.

  • WordPress guys can use some plugins such as headers and footers by.. *** Lysa [forgive me, I don’t know the coder’s name well]

  • Xenforo users can use special add-ons for this and

  • Wapka users can resort to pure javascript codes for this[too bad, poor wapka]

The workings of Link units
links Ads have a special way of working which I believe you should know about though you will notice it the moment you start using them.

Facts about Adsense Link Unit format

adsense link ads .png

  1. They can drive clicks in the right positions: try link ads with Other ad formats in the formation specified above and you will have your own story to tell. people are always clicking the link units more provided they are in a clear position where they can be seen properly. They can get about 1.5* more clicks than other ad formats except those long ads though

  2. They are simply and occupies the least possible space: Link units are always there but will appear as though they are not. this is one of the reasons why I like them most. Other ads may involve images of varying pixels which can take as long as it chooses to download and display on the page but link units have nothing other than some text to download plus the text are usually less than 5 words each. this makes link ads to fit into almost any place and cause least possible distortion to website appearance.

  3. Relativity to the web page: Link unit are almost always related to the content of the page. the images may not be related but the links are and this is cool.

  4. 9 in 3 ads! this is another powerful feature of AdSense Link ads. each link unit contains 3 links and when you place 3 of such ads on your web page as recommended, it becomes 3*3= total 9. so with link ads, you get the chance of stuffing 9 possible links into 3 ad spaces!

So, that’s how you can use link ads on your site to increase Adsense earnings without increasing Adsense CPC for Nigerians and other African brothers.
Most of the Europe countries have no need for this because of course there Adsense CPC is always flying and they mostly don’t understand what it means to earn $30 with more than 1000 clicks, thanks to generous Adsense!

USA vs Nigeria adsense.png

Hope you have been able to learn something new from this post that will help you to increase your monthly earnings with AdSense? Click Like and share this!
Of course, I wanna read your comments so do share your thoughts and ideas on Adsense especially as it has to do with link ads.


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