Some tips to optimize the SEO of a website

In France, the Google search engine has a historical monopoly that makes it very oriented seo on the analysis of its algorithm and the understanding of explicitly shared by its employees advice. Indeed, over 95% of French Internet users make use of systematic and regular manner. Suffice to say that the alternatives, which are however numerous, weigh no weight to face US giant. Aware of this fact, you must develop positioning strategies reflected in parallel with the search engine optimization of your blog or your websites networks. Before you launch a web business, so it is necessary to document yourself properly on the subject. Off, this step is often overlooked by novice entrepreneurs in membership. If you do not plan to devote the time, it will be difficult to carry out without the assistance of qualified and specialized professionals in the seo. However, if the slow reading, assimilated and careful not to frighten you, so some items will offer the possibility to go upmarket very quickly and in a sustainable manner. Since that excess obsolete or conflicting information on SEO are legion, we decided to present you some tips to enhance your natural bases rank on search engines and grow the volume of your organic traffic.
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Before you begin, keep in mind that a huge part of the algorithmic system parameters and assigning a score of Search Quality to your blog or website are volatile, scalable and above all non-reported the administrative team of google. Well, once this very important point cleared, know that it is possible to understand how they work through specific experiences, analytical tools and case studies. Note that the content remains the first concern of research engines! Titles, keywords and paragraphs of an article must respond appropriately to various requests of users to appear on the first Google page or placed thereon. Always aiming to please your guests priority is for them that you publish at first, as these are the exclusive recipients of your writings, downstream robots, crawlers and other automatic spiders. The quality of a site is judged by the analysis of its use (bounce rate, page views, time spend on a page …) in its tree (backlinks, quality indications, popularity) and interactions (adding to favorites, rate clicks, share link, complete reading …) it arouses among its readers. The SEO process is long and give their first results after several months except in special cases.

The choice of the domain name is important, it is the grip of your website and determine your location based on the main themes of your web activity. Your IP address should reflect the spirit of your blog or your shop. To optimize your SEO, it is strongly advised to incorporate your brand or keywords commonly cited your future editorial directly to your domain name. Also note that in recent years, Google promotes the merchants site that collects sensitive information (personal, bank or other) with an SSL certificate ( Secure Sockets Layer ), it is an optional security protocol of Internet exchanges also named Transport Layer Security (TLS). We recommend you read folder of afnic Speaking of the impact of domain names on SEO.

availability a website influx strongly on its positioning and SEO. Thus, make you good technical performance related to your accommodation , opt for reliable and stable infrastructure, a shared fee option, a virtual private server or a dedicated server that you allocate specific resources and flexible. This is absolutely essential. Logically, the lower your error pages post (http, dns, sql …) more articles in your blogs will be read and appreciated their navigation. Search engines also take into account the speed of a site via the display speed of the articles and the level of efficiency of the query resolution for their layout. So be careful and choose a reliable service provider, consistent with the needs of your project. Making his internet activity available is also proposing several reading options to your visitors, translations if your traffic is international, pages with an adaptive layout and optimized on all media (mobile version, tablet, computer, television, audio … ) frequent.

Word of mouth and audiovisual advertising work perfectly as long as the content of your website follow the pace imposed by your promotional campaigns and offers clear added value to your visitors . The primary and basic options with beginner affiliates are simple and require special attention to several points:

  • The writing articles detailed presentations in specialized and well referenced directories.

  • The creation of a mailing list that will collect the email addresses of your visitors and keep abreast of new developments.

  • The measured and manual sharing interesting articles on social networks (facebook, google plus, twitter …)

  • Audiovisual promotion and marketing via podcasts or third or videos you own. (Youtube, vimeo dailymotion …)

  • Follow the classic route of a professional announcer with campaigns and affiliate programs via known and successful advertising sales.

The netlinking must be part of your strategy as long as you understand its impact on SEO of a site. You will get more or less consistent results according to your requirements and needs. If fast but ephemeral performance seems you need, then head to SEO techniques labeled as “black hat SEO” or “gray hat seo” as botting or using binders polemical software a page or domain name systematically in the comments of blogs, directories or forums doffolow or nofollow; cloaking or redirecting visitors to different pages from those shown in google, misuse of keywords, buying old domain names, duplicate content, purchasing links, the clicks or purchases automatic sharing on social networks. All techniques that can be effective, sometimes tolerated but often discouraged. Since this is the SEO or “white hat seo ‘interest here, know that the best way to increase the organic traffic over the long term, without fear of penalization manual search engine, remains relevant anchor text , ie the “suscitement” natural links (or “link bait”) on sites close addressing themes of your and legitimately interested in the mention of it for no apparent counterparts. To receive the juice of a blog or a similar store of quality, you can directly contact the webmasters and tell them about your project or arrange a partnership sober, discreet and intelligent. Do not overlook the internal links that, when used properly, improve your bounce rate and the playing time of your visitors. To go further and deepen your knowledge on the subject, we suggest you read the 70 detailed technical netlinking proposed Refeo.

Finally, do not forget to use free or paid tools available to analyze your backlinks and keep updating your positioning keywords, terms and themes. Look and understand the different sources of actual traffic of your competitors and act in a structured way according to the information obtained. On our side, we do not hesitate to take a specification dedicated to the SEO of our network of blogs and websites. Whether your business is virtual or not, visibility remains the sinews of war. Self-learners appreciate the public record, open and creative commons licensed to openclassrooms (formerly Zero Site) on improving the visibility of your website with SEO . Good SEO strategies always settle over time and requires extensive work of contextualization. There are no secrets, content is king and constitura your best asset in the competitive world of seo. therefore attach time and importance to writing your articles, the infographic showing your blogs and the tree of your networks.

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