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Like many competing ad networks, Chitika is a CPC oriented platform that is primarily all advertisers. Long considered an alternative to Adsense, we can already tell you that the performance side Chitika publishers are not comparable to the industry Google. The ratios are 10 times lower in most of the sectors that do not affect the SEO, affiliation, tutorials, context-sensitive optimization, the monitoring statistics of websites and the development of editorial content related occupations web, all of which must be written in English of course! You will win without doubt a decent and consistent income at market prices with high traffic sites and in connection with the areas mentioned above, but in other cases very specific, it is not serious to put both companies on the same pedestal. It is more relevant to compare to Chitika Adwords, ie a board resting on very large publishers as “Yahoo!” and offering low prices to advertisers interested in text ads.

Chikitika offers classic ad blocks ranging from small squares to large 160 x 160 Leaderboard and Skycrapers 728 x 90, 120 x 600. There are more than thirty levels of choice in the size of these advertising spaces . There are several levels of “quality” of different banners proposed by the authority, indeed, if your sites are judged as effective and relevant to the content of the campaigns developed on Chitika, you will earn a premium rank. This rank will provide access to pictorial banners and you will unlock new sizes and types of ads in your publisher account. This is a kind of reward for the most serious webmasters networks. Note that your eCPM and the price of CPC varies depending on the geolocation of your visitors. Be aware that the most profitable organic traffic is the one located in the United States.

As stated above, Chitika is primarily addressed to advertisers, however, it’s possible to have very good results with sites properly optimized and containing long articles written carefully. In statistical terms, a site generating between 5,000 and 20,000 daily impressions easily reach the critical threshold of $ 10 per day.
Chitika preuves de paiments The pay governed by check, paypal, to from $ 10 with a waiting period of one month (30 days) between the payment request and send or transfer of real money. There are no monthly demand limit, you can modulate your ceiling before payment. Like many other authorities, Chitika gives the opportunity to earn substantial bonuses by inviting webmasters via their affiliate program and start building passive income on their platform through your downline. With a good ratio of valid impressions, you will meet these criteria by your CPM revenue.

As we have seen together, it is a very special advertising network that targets a handful of experienced editors haves advanced technical knowledge on SEO. If the advice of site management in the entrepreneurial field is your business, then you will probably find your account. Otherwise, we advise you to choose Chitika as an advertiser. Their statistical reports are relevant and individual performance display is fast (but not in real time). Governance is clearly not made for beginners publishers or during learning. Remember that you must master English fluently to achieve the best conversion rates thanks to traffic US, Canada and UK.

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