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Supported by investors Sigma Management and Entrepreneurship Alliance, AdServerPub has tastefully expand its network via a professional and discreet canvassing. After a few years of activity, the authority has achieved a significant breakthrough on the hexagonal market of online advertising for the quality of its services. Alongside the undeniable effectiveness of its technologies (superior tracking, data management speed, data optimization, dynamic retargeting) is the relevance of its targeting audiences that commands respect and it attracts advertisers prestigious as La Redoute, Meetic, TV5MONDE, Pixmania or Zalando. Created in 2009 by Ylan Temim and Yohann Mathieu, the company is present in France, where its head office, it is also established in Germany and Spain. AdServerPub is clearly aimed at professional publishers operating in white theme as is the fashion, culture and entertainment, sports, games, automotive, high-tech, travel, news and finance or film. The entity pays the distribution of its inventory CPM and CPC. With 2 billion impressions per month, more than 5,000 partners, nearly 250 new monthly campaigns and millions of daily page views, AdServerPub is a key player in the affiliate market and one of the best French advertising agencies.

In the interest of the regulated marketing team, you will present well-frequented sites with qualified audience segments (senior, youth, women and men). Registration is simple and systematic, the domain names added to your account are checked by the administrative team and subject to validation. You will receive an email within 72 hours whether it is accepted or rejected. The platform offers a consistent targeting service that works through the collection and processing massive daily data (big data) to establish algorithmic model profiles that will ensure a return on investment for advertisers. Thus, average conversion rates are much higher than 5%, which explains the high remuneration of publisher accounts. Campaigns are offered through eight different formats: Display, Video, Dress, Mobile, Slide-In, Footer, Retargeting, and Site-Under. Know that you have the possibility to limit the display of certain formats. Your income based on an index automatically set eCPM performance (like Adsense) feel free to choose any type of compensation CPM, CPC, CPL or CPA.
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The minimum payment threshold is 100 euros. These are made within 60 days and can be requested manually or automatically by bank transfer or PayPal after the 1st of each month. The statistics are displayed in real time and precise your winnings campaigns, block and sites. It is not forbidden to use AdServerPub with other advertising companies, a self-help option is also available to you in your publisher account. Be careful with the internal rules of the platform and avoid fraudulent methods (incentive, generating artificial traffic, abnormal positioning of banners …) or risk seeing your blocked sites and your registration canceled. The customer service is fast and efficient AdServerPub, their teams are actually available, it regularly advise and accompany their partners over time. You can reach them by email, by phone, mail or move directly to their Paris office. The authority provides very interesting rate which amounts to 1.5 euros / cpm on average, prices vary depending on the renowned and quality of the content of your web sites. In France, it has very few competitors to standard.

As you can see, our review AdServerPub is very positive. This is a tailored advertising network for professionals. Of course, beginners webmasters are not rejected, but keep in mind that the platform is oriented CPM and she rarely suitable for small nestled websites. It remains despite a very good alternative to google adsense for many different profiles. Adsp sincerely trusted and looks set for a bright future in Europe. If you have a large base of loyal visitors and sensitive to the quality of the brands and products you are promoting, then you will get satisfactory and stable results very quickly.

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The official FAQ online advertising network AdServerPub
AdServerPub is managed by the 2Y company MEDIA SAS with capital of € 80,904 sitting in Paris, 21 Rue de Châtillon.
RCS Creteil B 510 625 197
SIRET: 51062519700015
VAT no: FR96510625197
The official website address:

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