Remote Manager automatically sync to Dropbox Dekstop [Full Guide]


Overview of Remote Desktop Manager

This has nearly 5 years I have you presented software I use daily both pro pulls that personal, it is Remote Desktop Manager . This utility allows you to build a database servers / machines while allowing you there connect quickly and with a single click.


Another advantage is that it supports a very large number of protocols : RDS, Citrix, SSH, etc. In short, you’ll necessarily find what you need as you work on environments Linux or Windows.



Plus interestingly, you can also create collections of identifiers and passwords that you can associate with each machine to prevent (re-) enter your login repeated for each connection.

Remote Desktop Manager synchronization Dropbox

by default, the list of servers and machines you are administering is stored on a local database that is on your workstation. It is easy to import or export this list when the PC is changed. To do this, in the menu “ Data Sources ” (or data sources), you can then make a Import and / or Export your data. By default, the file is saved in the following location :



Mais if you use multiple machines, it may be worth de-locate this file in a Dropbox, Google Drive or even a real database (if you share this list with ‘ colleagues) .

Today, I suggest you set this file to a folder within your Dropbox in order to access data from any computer working. Since then, data sources, create a new source of données.


Sélectionnez Dropbox (or any other location depending on your needs).


Finally, specify the precise location and the name of the file you want to create in your Dropbox and will contain all of your data.


once it’s done. You then have two data sources. It then remains for you to re-import your servers and credentials in your new data source .


now , the file will be synchronized and available on all your workstations . 🙂

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