Pay and receive money online and from Tunisia:

In this article, I will introduce the methods that Tunisians can choose to pay securely online and around the obstacle of converting foreign currency Tunisian Dinar. This solution is for everyone and especially to the young Tunisian developers who want to cash out and pay money on e-commerce sites.
Many young Freelance work (eg on the website and the majority are locked at the payment. Here, I’ll share with you my personal experience and the solutions I’ve tested and proved reliable and valid
. Note: I will not go into the details of each solution I leave you with the search engines for a detailed presentation of each. For cons, I will introduce how to make each solution in this article and I’ll take Neteller as a reference. That said, I will present all aspects that concern us on Neteller and I will only talk about points differences between Neteller and other solutions that I will discuss later. Ie every aspect of Neteller is valid for other solutions at least if I change it in a precise solution
… start

-.! Neteller

Neteller is an online bank proposed by Optimal Payments that accepts Tunisian members on its monetary platform with a variety of currencies. All Tunisians who want to register on the Neteller website should check their account by sending a scanned copy or photographed their ID or passport or driving licenses. This check is called KYC (Know Your Costumer) and is essential. Neteller in 2015 jousted another verification step of depositing at least 4 € on the new unaudited account, then go to step KYC then hopefully the account will be verified.
Account verification is mandatory for the clarity of transactions and especially to increase the limits of transactions

Neteller, after verification, has three essential aspects of its online banking solution.

1- Bond:
Tunisian can make deposits at the site Neteller via:
* – MasterCard / Visa card and Maestro cards:
This is impossible for Tunisian, since we have no access to bank cards with a foreign currency. CTI and the new card is not valid on Neteller as the website of Neteller is not on the list of allowed sites SIC card. So forget this deposit solution
* – The Paysafecard vouchers.
The vouchers are similar to the recharge coupons of our telephone operators. We find Paysafecard vouchers of € 5, € 10, € 25, € 50 and € 100. Each coupon has a long number that will be on Neteller to deposit money there. These coupons are in Europe and can be used on a European and Tunisian Neteller account. Also note that to date, Neteller charges a tax of 7% on each coupon Paysafecard used on their platform. Hence, if I have a coupon of € 100 Paysafecard and I want to place it on my Neteller account, my final balance will be equal to 93 € where € 7 less (less than 7% of the sum of my coupon ). So this solution is valid and safe but we must take into account the high rate of taxes
* – The AstroPay cards.
These cards are MasterCard prepaid and capped. Ie, there are AstroPay card $ 25, $ 50, $ 75, $ 100, $ 200 and $ 1,000. It should be noted here that AstroPay cards are MasterCard Dollar (While Paysafecard supports the European currency only). We also note that Neteller imposes a tax of 5% on every deposit via AstroPay cards and we can deposit an amount that varies between $ 5 and $ 500 per transaction per day and maximum $ 5,000 per month.
We find these cards in Tunisia at the site . Only necessary to consider that it imposes an exchange rate much higher than the exchange rate of dollar / dinar. This exchange rate may reach $ 1 = ~ 2.8 TND while in Tunisian banks on $ 1 = ~ 2.2 TND. So this solution is valid but must also take into consideration the multiple exchange rate that I just mentioned
* – Direct bank transfer to our Neteller account.
This feature is unfortunately disabled for Tunisian seen that has no access to a bank account convertible. So forget this deposit method
* – Bitcoin.
This is an electronic money and can only exist on the web. Neteller, added in mid 2015 this method of deposit with a fee of 1% (like reasonable tax, in my opinion of course) Edit : 5% as of January 25, 2016. And the deposit is almost instant (just must wait about 15 minutes for the verification of the transaction by the nodes of Bitcoin).
note also that Neteller imposes restrictions on the use of Bitcoins funds and a limit deposit:
* the Bitcoin deposits can not be used for purchases or withdrawals using your Net +
* deposit € 4.5 minmum,. € 1,170 maximum per transaction, € 1,170 and € 2,385 per day per month.
Currently, many people in the world use Bitcoins as net on payment. For more information please visit my old articles about Bitcoin.
In my view, with a 1% tax and reliable transaction, Bitcoin is the safest choice and the most likely to Tunisians who want power . their Neteller


2- Transfers between members:
the member may transfer their Neteller balance between them. Transferred are independent of monetary currency on accounts but a conversion of the amount sent by the bank exchange rate is needed. That is, if someone wants to send me $ 100 on my account is in Euro, the $ 100 will be translated at the exchange rate of the time of the transfer and the final balance will be in euro on my Neteller account.
Edit: Neteller added a tax of 1% of the total transaction amount of each transfer of money between its members

3- Net + cards and. business Service
Neteller offers virtual MasterCard for use only on net and net + plastic card that will be delivered by post in Tunisia or anywhere in the world where the company regulations Neteller permitted [
Neteller also offers a business service with an API for developers. These Neteller accounts are different Neteller accounts of ordinary users. (For more information, please contact the Neteller service or contact me by mail)

Withdrawing money.
Neteller allows three modes of withdrawal of funds on accounts of users and those using a merchant account Neteller: Net + card removal (except for funds Bitcoin), by transfer to a bank account (Tunisians can not recvoir their Neteller bottom on Tunisian bank accounts since a micro transfer verification is needed to validate the bank account to which we will accept Neteller funds, where it is impossible for Tunisian) and check (I have not tried this method, it is yours try …)

NB:. There are several other things to know about the Neteller service, but it is along all understand, moreover it does is not the purpose of this article

. – Skrill

Skrill is an online bank proposed by Optimal Payments, newly purchased by Optimal Payments, it is similar to Neteller but with some differences.
I will quote the points difference (other items not listed here are points of similarity or necessary):
* – Skrill supports only two deposition methods: By credit card or / and transfers of money between members / Skrill merchants
. * – Tunisian using Skrill can not play with their money on gaming sites online, unlike Neteller that the allows its customers
. * – the Moneybookers MasterCard cards can power the Neteller account and vice versa, though I did not try to use MasterCard Skrill on neteller then send the background to a game site. I do not know if this method is allowed by Skrill or not. It is for you to test it. All comments are welcome:)


Payoneer is an online bank similar to Neteller and Skrill but with one major difference:
* – Deposits Payoneer can éffectués beings as among companies working with Payoneer service. I quote Odesk example is a company / Freelance siteweb that perform only his money transferred to Payoneer (correct me if I’m wrong)


OKPAY is an online bank, similar to Neteller and Skrill, it usually only applies to residents of Eastern Europe and Asia.
OKPAY has several payment methods but which are not accessible for Tunisian unless a portfolio of service Bitcoin, and litecoin Dodgecoin. As Neteller, these funds can not be withdrawn by MasterCard cards to OKPAY. Where this service is very limited for Tunisian residents. I also note that MasterCard to OKPAY can not be delivered in Tunisia (rules of OKPAY).
By cons, OKPAY offers an electronic money exchange service (Third Party Exchanger). Failing to consider the monetary exchange rates imposed by OKPAY and reliable exchangers

-. Advcash

Advcash is a similar online bank to Neteller and Skrill. But one major difference:
* – Advcash offers the possibility of removing / use Bitcoin funds in cash through its MasterCard card from ATMs and sites that support MasterCard

– Ukash

Paysafecard and Ukash bought it no longer exists. Seuleement Paysafecard vouchers are in circulation in Europe

-. PayPal

Please visit article I wrote there is a moment in which I presented Paypal and how to check

-. EcoPayz

This online bank is like Moneybookers and Neteller but it does not accept Tunisian user. A KYC verification is required for account verification. That said, avoid this bank … yet.

Finally, if you have any questions feel free to comment or send me emails. I will try to answer you as soon as possible.


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