Online writing platforms, a simple way to create quality content

The success of content writing on internet platforms is due to their simplicity and effectiveness. Indeed, they allow better interaction between web editors and professionals interested in fast, affordable cashless services. It is an additional source of income for teachers, journalists, young freelancers, self-employed and students in literature and foreign languages. Writing web platforms promote fragmentation stains and improves the distribution of objectives between the author crafts, publishers and advertisers. So many networks linked to the work of writing have emerged in recent years thanks to the new opportunities of the web as a whole. But between French companies and major international portals, it is often difficult to do all sorts among the editorial online platforms. So we decide to list the best of them based on specific criteria: the price of the various services offered, quality text services, rates and usage statistics, the size of their communities and the return of editors registered on these platforms.

Before being a passion, writing articles optimized for SEO should be considered a full-time job that requires complete mastery of one or more languages ​​in the case of translations. A web copywriter, specialized or not, must have a good general knowledge and seo knowledge. He must be able to design the structure of his texts according to the specific requests made to it. It must provide a detailed, comprehensive and documented on thematic subjects, namely placing keywords intelligently and handling occurrences subtly. This is a unique activity halfway between the work as a writer, journalist and one commercial. The web editor is an essential mesh in the publishing process. He cares about the originality of his writings and keeps in mind the ambivalence of its addressees, who are both the final drive (subscriber, customer or potential customer) but also, and above all, the search engines who are guarantors of sustainable visibility of a website. Well, now we should review the four most popular online writing platform and widely used.

TextMaster is one of the best platforms for content writing available in French and has over 5000 customers in 80 countries. The agency tariffied professional proofreading and correction of articles in the amount of 0.015 € per word and the translation services from € 0.03 per word. It offers good quality articles in the fields of beauty, lifestyle, finance, medicine, law and entertainment, sports, fitness, health and wellness, travel and tourism , automotive, e-commerce, celebrities and people. The profile TextMaster’s clients are web marketing agencies, SEO agencies, marketing departments, e-tourism sites, e-commerce sites, buying guides and comparators and online marketing consultants content. I suggest you read directly FAQ Textaster for more information on this platform.

greatcontent is an online writing platform based in Germany and available in 18 languages ​​including French. It has over 1,000 active customers per month to more than 6,000 active editors. The agency offers tailored editorial services, translations and sustainable publishing partnerships in open orders, direct orders and group orders. The proposed rates are progressive and range between € 0.02 and € 0.16 per word according to six quality levels: minimal, basic, intermediate, advanced, superior, excellent. You can ask quote or estimate your budget online, the option is fast, comprehensive and automatic. Greatcontent not give any restriction when the domains and the specificity of the addressed themes. You can read their FAQ directly on their official website.

Editor is a French portal dedicated to drafting and easy purchase online texts. This is a professional website and easy to use. He makes a point of honor to link small and medium businesses with experienced web editors. Record each of the registered users is available permanently and publicly. You can appreciate the notes and the opinions of all profiles with one click and quickly judge the writing skills of the person you are interested to pass one or more control (s) specific (s). The basic specifications lets you choose between three options: optimization for search engines, the standard writing or actions on files. Once the titles of your orders filled, fill the box instructions and evaluate the cost of your online application. You can then choose from the 2,000 editors available and qualified based on their favorite topics. There is a tool that automatically analyzes the text on their server. I suggest you consult the faq for the customers and the reserved for editors to learn more about this new to the SEO world. Please note that registration is free and no hidden fees.

Rédactiweb is a French web content writing platform. The agency offers custom written content, the choice of time and quality, optimized text SEO, outsourcing a simplified and online options to control costs. The rates applied are variable and are based on the different nature of the services shared between four levels of editorial quality : a star to 0.04 € per word, two stars 0,05 € per word, three stars 0.06 € per word and four stars to 0.08 € per word. I invite you to read them FAQ rédactiweb if you are a publisher or editor interested by this platform. Note that you will necessarily justify a valid legal status to be properly remunerated as an author. This platform is one of the oldest, it is now used by connoisseurs who have won the confidence of editors after years of experience and satisfactory working relationship.

Textbroker is an international editorial platform available in French. The agency offers customized text, optimized for search engines, a quality checked and relevant options to choose its partners in a relevant way. It is widely used in the areas of marketing activities, sales and online price comparisons. It counts prestigious names among its clients such as ebay, Yoast, 1 & 1, Searchmetrics, priceminister, NoRisk, onpage, zipro, myboutiquehotel, spiral media and many others. The price of texts is correlative of Top authors : Two-Star 1.3 cents / word, three stars to 1.7 cents / word, four-star 2.2 cents / word, five stars to 6.5 cents / word. You can read the complete FAQ Textbroker online footer of their site. The strengths of this platform are the price / quality intéréssant the followed and continuous training of its editors.

In conclusion and to give general advice on the best platforms for online writing, we will say that this is a good way to improve and increase the text content of a website or a new online store. These platforms are perfect for customers request notice of drafting or quickly write a large amount of specialized newspaper articles, legal records or data sheets. Prices are generally very affordable and the contact means between publishers and editors are often useful and well tailored. However, the remuneration of authors is often low in early activity compared to the work they provide. The experience and recognition that is acquired over time, word of mouth and the undeniable value creation often remedy this temporary wage restraint that true both on the web editor job in journalistic career or more traditional public professions. Finally, these online writing agency are a way as another to become known, to live his passion and meet the requirements of seo web publishers. Like it or not, they are part of the future of digital businesses.

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