My time in the MacBook Pro MacBook Air [Full Guide]

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When I became a user of Mac OS X, there are about 4 years, I then started on a MacBook Pro 15-inch. Not that I specifically wanted the pro range but I wanted a laptop with a 15.4-inch slab. Therefore, only the MBP could match my needs.

4 years later, I finally turned to me with the MacBook Air. The MBP has always met all my expectations both in terms of portability and power. However, after some time my priorities and my expectations have evolved and I’ve realized that the use I made of my laptop, the MBA could suit me … and even have advantages.

  • Lightweight and portable – This was the argument number 1 when Apple released the first version in MBA … at the expense of everything else for that matter! It is clear that now, this “small cell” has nonetheless under the hood! This is undoubtedly the lightest laptop I have had so far in his hands. The MacBook Pro was not very heavy [pour un ordinateur portable 15 pouces] but you quickly forget it in until his mere presence in your bag, so the MBA is light.

  • Before changing, I also had long hesitations the dimension of screen. Coming from a 15 “screen, I wondered if the 13.3 would not be” too “small (11-inch version was automatically excluded). In the end, good surprise the resolution is the same as for the MBP: 1440 * 900 and the size of the [pour ce portable qui se rapproche du netbook] is the same as that of other laptops in the range. (Or at least, a difference not sharp enough for my noticing). Moreover, once home I plug in dual-screen on my 24 “IIYAMA and then I have a HD resolution of 1920 * 1080

  • power side , j ‘ also had some doubts … but I do not play on my Mac and therefore a priori not much appeal to the machine resources. I use it mainly in an office and Internet approach. However, I have a nasty tendency to run many applications at the same time … But ultimately, the only operation for which the MBA might have trouble is Windows 7 virtualization via VMware Fusion … Finally the conclusion is simple, Windows 7 is very responsive even virtualized.

  • finally, “ last but not least the advantage of SSD . It was actually one of the reasons for my change apart from the fact that the MBA is a featherweight! I wanted to get an idea about the benefits pouvaiennt introduce SSDs that we are vaunted for several months. And then … well it’s simple, I do not think in the future I could do without an SSD. The operating system boot in seconds and globally, the computer seems more reactive in file copies and in the overall use of the OS. And that must surely help when I run my Windows 7 in parallel via VMware Fusion!

Finally, a portable and lightweight MacBook … but not at the expense of power! 😉

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