My opinion on the sixth-generation iPod nano [Full Guide]

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Big iPod Nano

The new iPod nano a breakthrough? I wonder. My last iPod not dates back to the 5th generation but in the 4th. We do so not yet had the camera. Though itself I remain a bit skeptical about the new version of iPod nano. I was pretty adept previous format which had a firm grip and had a large screen that allowed her to easily view playlists to choose better songs to listen to.

Several points me displeasing in this new version of iPod …

One of the first points to respect me turning back to this version . Users there is provided the opportunity to take photos and even some video footage with their iPod and then removed them this opportunity in the next version. Choice somewhat questionable if it is when you know that such a lot of college / high school students use this type of device to capture their outings, holidays … then better update their facebook status!

Other point that bothered me at the demonstration of Steve Jobs. This is undoubtedly the display capacity on the screen. To my taste, the screen became too small. You could see clearly during the demonstration that we do visualized as 3 to 4 songs on the screen. So unless you like a slider to go search for songs “end” lists I think it will not be a best readability. And yes, I do not sort my music while I send on my iPod so it’s essential for me to be able to easily view the contents of my playlists.

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Finally, although strongly put forward, the new Genius, Nike kit and Shake it, are in any case since they novelties were already present since the fourth generation iPod.

positive note however, the arrival [enfin] of FM radio ! It was time. It will no longer be necessary to buy a kit at 60 € to listen to the radio on his iPod. Note that you will have an addition Direct control to listen to your favorite radio shows at your pace!

So in the end, the new fashion accessory or real technological advance ?

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