Major Problems Nigerians Face With Adsense: Why We Are Angry With Google! [Quick Guide]

Google was recently dragged to court over AdSense but not because of CPC

2. Second Adsense problem: Adsense Ban

This is very common with Nigerian AdSense accounts again. There are a million reasons why Adsense will ban your account after you must have passed through the initial drilling stage above. Adsense bans are more common to bloggers than admission into higher institutions is common among secondary school graduates. Funny enough, Adsense usually has no reason for banning except the same undying “Invalid clicks”. who is deceiving who here? Adsense suspended my account on the 30th of June with the very same story, Invalid clicks and you all know what account suspension means. Your earned money is in pending mode and trust me, Adsense doesn’t like you well enough to think twice about what will happen to your accumulated cash over the month as they always present you with the very same claims; “your money will be returned back to advertisers as well as the ones Adsense will reserve for some stupid reasons best known to them!”. This is unfair in many ways and yet again the Nigerian government who doesn’t care about what’s going in on with the mass has nothing to tell AdSense on this. How pathetic?

Adsense Ban to say the least is very annoying. in the past, there are almost no warnings but now, they do warn people about different things including copyrighted and related things but for the most part, the ban comes as a shock. Why waste someone’s time and in the end when he acquires the AdSense account, you end up banning him before his first pay? Such is the case with many Nigerians.

Some of these bans are very well merited but others, are either erroneous or just crazy bans.
One thing Adsense should correct is the act of withholding people’s money when they get banned. Send what’s left in the account and let the owner know how to repackage himself. Most people already have lots of plans for the money they have made with Adsense that such a ban as AdSense is used to is a killer both in spirit, morale, and emotional aspects. Adsense, pay off when you BAN people because it’s their money and there is no justification no matter how you make it look that rights the wrong in withholding people’s money.

3. Third Adsense problem: Low Earnings

This applies to those that have no beef with Adsense because everyone has this same beef with the monetization Kings here in the country. Adsense CPC goes a long way to determining how much one earns with Adsense and it’s clearly visible that Nigeria’s CPC though one of the very best in Africa remains as poor as it can be. This doesn’t make any sense at all.
Why will someone’s CPC be as low as $0.03? That means that, even with a thousand clicks in a month, the person is left with just $30 by month’s end and that’s barely 6,000 naira not able to buy a single useful android phone in Nigeria. Sum it up in a year and you can barely purchase a laptop.

Adsense CPC is one of the very best you can get but not in Nigeria, not anymore. No matter what the case is, $0.03 is too low for a blogger especially those with low traffic, under 1000 page views in a day. Adsense should certainly have a rethink about how much they give out as offers to publishers because the fact that people are flocking into AdSense in their numbers daily does not mean that AdSense can take them for granted because almost all Nigerian Adsense users are very angry with the network and will leave at the slightest chance to a trusted ad network even if the CPC is below that of AdSense.

Talking of CPC, networks like WinThrillsNetwork will pay about 10 naira for each click on their HTML ad and you find out that it’s much better than the 0.03*200 = 6 naira that AdSense offers her users. Not to mention that they use Html ad codes which are more seo friendly than the AdSense javascript codes, speaking of page load speed.
So, such Nigerian ad networks like winthrills and nairapp can be considered Adsense alternatives.
Check other google adsense alternatives here
But, actually you don’t need high Adsense CPC when you use this trick

Wrapping It all UP: Adsense and Nigerian Bloggers

I have pretty much said the major problems that Nigerian bloggers face with AdSense as a key monetization agent in the blogging community. most of these problems are global meaning that not only Nigerians are facing it but it seems to hit a drastic point in Africa. Proper measures should be taken by the Adsense team to make sure that these issues are addressed properly especially in the area of Banning people’s account like a child is throwing paper in the trash can.

In my next post, i will be dealing with how to stay clear of the AdSense pitfall and also some other alternatives that Nigerians have to Adsense as well as what we can do to better the situation for ourselves on our own. In all, don’t put your whole trust in a sense because unlike the google search team, the google AdSense team is a set of wonderful people with no ears to the outside world, no one hears what you have to say and they do things as they wish to do.


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