LibreELEC USB SD Creator for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X [Exclusive Guide]

Installing LibreELEC on a SD card has not been particularly complicated – at least for people who have a day to do with computers. It’s even easier now with the official LibreELEC USB SD Creator . The application is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

LibreELEC USB SD Creator

The application is easy to use and has clear steps. First of all you have to LibreELEC USB SD Creator download:

Under Linux you make the file executable then, fire up it with sudo . It looks for example like this:

LibreELEC USB-SD Creator ausführbar machen und starten

LibreELEC USB SD Creator make it executable and run

The application looks after the start like this:

LibreELEC USB-SD Creator

LibreELEC USB SD Creator

On the left side you choose from which system you want to use. Logically, you can find there all officially supported systems, as well ODROID C2, Raspberry Pi 3, 2, 1 and Zero, Cubox, Wetek Core / Play and Generic (x86_64 / so normal and Intel-compatible 64-bit system).

Select System auswählen


Then you decide, whether the image is to be downloaded, or you prefer to use a local file like. Maybe you have the image already.

In the third step you choose the destination and write it then to the disk. The application is of course similar to other image creators for USB Storage Media. The difference is that the software downloads the LibreELEC image for you.

Trials available


If you want to take a look into the future of LibreELEC, can be downloaded via the USB SD LibreELEC Creator trial versions. For this you click the top right of Show all and then receive also the alpha and beta versions to choose from.

Alpha- und Beta-Versionen

Alpha and Beta versions of

LibreELEC 7.90 is the next Version 8 with Kodi 17 . I use the already quite a while on a Raspberry Pi 2 and above all the new theme Estuary has me very excited. Nothing against Confluence because it works also excellent. But Estuary acts so much more modern – simply beautiful




Who has an SD card and left as a Raspberry Pi, who was the alpha version watch just once. That’s worth it. With the new LibreELEC USB SD Creator it’s actually easier than ever to install the multimedia distribution. The few clicks creates any …

there when playing Audion misfire, then helps these Fix may .

LibreELEC 8 (Alpha)

LibreELEC 8 (alpha)

The announcement for the LibreELEC USB SD Creator find you here .

Cute Pi constellation


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