How to win easy money on your pc

1. How WIN WITH Adsens?
If you already have a website go to Step 1
Step 1: you can make a blog on a paid subject. Blogs are free for the most part. But often they display their own banners. As you have found a service that suits you nothing prevents you to make plusieurs.Vos own banners provided they subscribe to Google Adsense by this site: www.over-blog .com www.blogospot. Once your entry made Integrate your content. Good content is one of the main eligibility criteria Google
Step 2 . You can sign up now to start earn with Adsense you must register. I invite you to do so by clicking the link
Step 3 : Now that you are registered and you have your website or blog, it’s time to make him known to it there are several important tools such as the Google toolbar. I invite you to download Firefox with the Google Toolbar below. You can find out what your PageRank. PageRank is a ranking showing you the importance of your pages in the Google database. For that search engines crawl your website. You must add your URL in their database
Step 4 : managing statistics. Adsense allows you to create criteria for your banners. Those will tell you what are the most frequently clicked by your visitors. A good way to see the performance of the latter in relation to where they are located in your pages. Soon, I will give you more tips to optimize your site. You also have a tool -Filter ads by competition, “the filters to not show some ads that you do not find relevant or as the name suggests, that that make you concurrence.Si you already made here is that you are on track to make money with dedicated good luck.

Done A New Facebook Account preference June sensual pretty girl with a nice car You Will, Make Friends more quickly and easily;? When Pour Having friends have Is A beautiful girl like you are now requesting it and Just click on sall and Pages you can see the pages, more than 100 000 members; click the page you want, then I like, and simply put a message; when your account is still; YOUNG FACEBOOK ALL will often ask a devérification code; but little petit.ce code will be less demandé.apres caCréer a Fan page and before creating a page, you must have the “idea” The goal is to encourage visitors to become a “Fan” of your page to obtain information, a photo, a video, a link … then you must first find an interesting picture or video, funny, amazing, on a site you go to share; but only with those of your Fan for you Gagneré of a “Like” on its Facebook fan page. he must register on fan exchange sites, these sites allow you to earn “Like” your page by clicking “Like” on other pages or by visiting sites, viewing videos c is thousands of “likes” on your facebook page for free and easily won over, these sites may even make you earn you about sites kia change the facebook fan eg and and and www.Clickfanscom ext. you must also nstall a script to force visitors to become fans to discover your link, image or video, visitors will have to click “Like” to see the contents of your tab. You have created your page, go to the tool search Facebook (top) and type * * FBML then choose Static FBML A left click on the link * * Add to my page and choose your page; come back to your page (in top right: Account / Manage my pages) click Edit page Just below the image identifying the FBML application from the list and click on edit, create custom tab for your page, enter a name for your tab, they it must be court.Il you just replace the http: // …. votrelien the link to your choosen configuration.Do can also change the text “cLICK HERE tO SEE tHE lINK” after click * Save changes * .revenez on your page and click on the icon to add the tab you just created.
to make his rentableIl page are several ways to monetize first thing your page by links; the simplest method is to put a paid link in the FBML script; you simply convert a link to an image / site / video link that earns you money donations specially the paid site links; you can also offer to download files such and and images remunerated www.Sharedimage.scom and also make sponsorship; this method is very cost effective as it will easily worth more than € 1 a recruited friends; if you have a page with * 10 000 * members flooder Communicating on Facebook and have more and more members Now you have a page; and profi; with lots of friends .then invite your friends to discover your page; go to your page and click on Send to a friend but there u another way to invite people to your page découvir is to talk everywhere Search “large pages”, with many members; for this, write any word in the facebook search tool and then click on “Pages” and you can see that there are pages with more de10000 members! Click the page you want, and then click jaime.


Get paid to and a website webe very easy silvers games played after opening an account validated your email and password and psedo nome you peue launched your first win with GPT1 you choisire your offer that you love and played easily facones of earning money and simple example register donations an offer with your email and you recue of token juske 300 token and you peue also buy token and earn euros pui you make parinnaiges to you friends by invitation email or link on facebook twiter googel ext more … as you peue download applications for mobile telephony; anderoid; googel play; iphon Journal apps constantly offers completed survy gratuie mode paimment and paypal; payonner; western union info: 1 token equal to 0.008 euro for registration Click [
bone luck.

We have made the difficult decision to take his retirement and Google Affiliate Network to focus on other products that are excellent engine results for clients. For more information, please read the full announcement. We encourage you to explore the following products that can help you achieve your advertising objectives: affiliate publishers – as a monetization solution for publishers replacement, we recommend that you sign up for Google AdSense via the AdSense network. AdSense provides an easy opportunity, flexible and automated revenue minimal maintenance manual Affiliate Advertisers -. Advertisers can take advantage of other Google tools CPA oriented as Product Listing Ads, remarketing and Optimizer conversion to boost sales and valuable online conversions

The first instinct for making money, well is to spend less use of price comparison less as (fullest) and, etc …….
comparators travel (airfare, hotels .Also banks comparators and financial products as , etc …
Earn money through advertising displayed by advertising on its site / blog become a star of the web and monetize your audience. not see anything biased here, this is all simply paid teleworking; sell his skills as a freelancer; Play online games; This seems to be a miracle solution; you mumuse with small interactive games, and once reached the sufficient number of points, you receive a check; attention to the time spent ratio / earned money, it is often very (very) low, etc …. …. .
The insurance and mutual comparators as, www.change .com etc … The mobile internet packages and comparators and, etc ….
the comparators gasoline prices, , or the Government … or choose Eco Highway itinerary cheapest enjoy cashback offers; The cashback is to recover a percentage of the amount of your cash purchases (between 1 and 5% in general). I propouse cashback sites for you, www.Poulpeo .com, , etc …
Use coupons before paying, remember to check if there are no coupon codes to reduce invoice few euros. attention is rarely compatible with the preferred codes websites cashback.des www.MaRé, etc .. ….. ..
Some blog platforms allow you to make money with your blog (like Overblog), otherwise, if you have hands on your website, the simplest and most effective service remains Google adSense.n oblier not to publish articles and videos Sponsored There are many boards to make money by publishing a sponsored section or Diffusing a video on your blog / website / account twitter / facebook page here main Authorities “buzz”, etc …..
and recommend products and services there are many affiliate networks allow you to get money if you recommend a product / service and the user buys behind the platform preferred forms of affiliation:,,,, ext .. …..
Making videos with Stream videos (original), and be paid according to the number of views. the best platform to broadcast his videos Here are the top and noblier not you must Display advertising on his car sites:, or
Sell your talents For developers … , …
For graphic:, . write, translate or correct the content; Whether you are a journalist, freelance, bilingual or single expert, you can write any kind of subjects; some sites, www.MyTranslation .com ..
Sell your photos / videos you have a real talent as a photographer, or you just photographed a people / events that could make the a? sell your picture! some sites,, , etc … Sell your papers, studies, dissertations, etc. … whether you are student or not, you can sell the material you’ve written a few sites:,,, www
do guinea pigs: participate in tests of products or consumers of meetings proposed by companies. You can also make guinea pigs in the true sense by testing drugs, your risk; consumers Qualitative tests; medical Qualitative tests; Test Clinic, Optimed, etc … Become a mystery shopper; Multi-Value, Presence; Testing products as Topeo Rate, Your opinion, Hiving, My Survey, My conso space Market Agent, Easy panel, Ipsos Access panel, My opinion counts, sell what you do not want to wait you can empty the attic of your annual common, but between us is not really what’s faster. These essential solutions are practical (and safer) to sell all the things you want to separate; to sell its assets; Le Bon Coin, eBay, PriceMinister, to sell its tickets concert / show / train; as Viagogo, Zepass … Earn Credits as,,, etc …
Try renting between people around you, people needs a helping hand (DIY, gardening, tutoring, etc ..) or hardware. why not help them against a little money? Another question: you have a free room in your apartment, or you go on holiday soon? So you have additional potential revenue. There are sites that allow you to offer your services or consulting service requests; let its objects, .. rent his apartment / her house: , …
rent his car to individuals:
to carpool: BlaBlaCar, carpooling, this is already some ideas of what you can find on the web.

The methods for a living with a blog for how this Winning the money with Adsense on his blog .it old school, shall we say! One which dates back 10 years and at the time of which it was still possible to make money with Adsense Adsense.Rappelons quickly what is … this last is the Google advertising platform that is added to its website or blog; according to this content on the Google web support will automatically place ads of interest to users as related to the subject of media .These are from pubs campaigns Adwords advertisers who agree to appear on the network Google content (so Adsense). Each time a person clicks on an Adsense link on your site you earn a small commission (of the order of 0.01 cents to a little over € 1 maximum on certain queries-for more lucky etrares) today this period seems to be over and Adsense will allow that to earn a few cents or even a few dozen euros if your blog is very visité.Faites the test if you have a website or blog by placing a Adsense ad blog and you will see that earnings opportunities are very limited with what système.On will say that in most cases below 00 100 unique visitors Adsense not earn you as peanuts!
In other words, you have a job if you want to persevere.
There is another method pourGagner money with blog by affiliation of other great bloggers say they earn thousands of euros every month with their blog through affiliation.Pour most novice in web marketing of you begin by asking what the affiliation. recall what is already the affiliation it is to promote through banners or links on its own support to encourage the purchase of products annonceurs.Avec affiliation blogger is some sort of seller who is paid on commission to vente.Avec this method, you can actually earn some money with a blog, still have to be efficient and deal with a topic that is “Affiliate friendly” for all your ca blog must be sufficiently visible so correctly referenced so that users go to your site and thus operate the affiliate links (logical!) but also the theme of your blog will place affiliate links; I explain advertisers must sell their products on an affiliation platform and these products must of course be at the base; logic again you think! Yes, but if your blog concerns the lépidoptérophilie (ie the collection of butterflies!) you will have little chance to find advertisers that will interest your readers on affiliate networks. Conversely, if your theme is ultra-competitive and there are already thousands of blogs on this subject your winning opportunities are dwindling despite the strong potential of this produits.Donc, with membership possible for earn money but under certain conditions and it is far from easy.
The last category of gurus-the-net-super-rich you claim that you can make money with your blog by selling a product: What a find ! A site that sells a product! We had never thought of saying so in reality it is a rather sensible system that actually can be effective. Nevertheless, we must stop believing that this is a recipe for making money without faire.Il nothing will first create and maintain a blog that takes a while but mostly it will create a product that is sinews of war. And it is not within the reach of everyone contrary to what one would have you believe; This is not a revolutionary idea, but an old idea as the world of creating a product and the inlay. Well, actually, marketing is perhaps not as old as time; the problem is that on most of these sites, the product in question is often … an affiliate product that is often … a method to earn money on the web that is to sell … this same method to other people (naive) that they even sell this product, etc …. Except that most of the time, even if it is legal when it is not based on a pyramid selling scheme, it’s still a concept not really honest .So make money with a blog by selling a product, yes, but not anything! Plus it is far from simple.

Many people who use YouTube could see YouTube partners make money by posting their videos. Many of them want to do the same.
The steps to follow to configure lancer.premier step and create your YouTube account AccountYour; or use one you already have and add keywords to help people find your page and also select the most specific type of account that you do (the filmmakers accounts, for example, designed for short filmmakers and the same style videos) .Your username you may be favorable or unfavorable; if it is short, memorable and original, people will view your videos will be better able to remember you. That said, if you use an existing account, stay there faithful. Changing repeatedly statement will not turn in your favor.
to comencer you must add content. Try downloading the content of high quality and that is not too long. It is advisable to make regular downloads and keep cohérents.Même if your content is not great in the beginning, do not despair. It is by practicing we get to perfection. Try to make each video of a higher quality than before. You will learn about the tas.Améliorez the content of your page using either a better camera, or better programs or editing techniques.
Try also to improve the way things are filmées.Utilisez a tripod, ask a friend to help you or better illuminate your scenes.
All this will help you get an end product of higher quality, which in turn will help you to gain a hearing vaste.En regularly downloading, this will allow you to keep an audience. People will be more likely to enroll if you add content on a regular basis and you stay consistent every ajout.Faites you know by Continue to download content and try to attract people.
Share your video on Twitter and Facebook. Show it to your circle of friends and people around you.
Post it elsewhere on the net. Subscribers will be essential if you want to become a YouTube partner (although you can make money by offering viral videos, it remains extremely pure YouTube.Il become a partner to work more.
Although anyone can subscribe, it is recommended to have more than 500 subscribers to download content regularly and have either a viral video or a large enough audience. YouTube search pages where they can sell advertising and make money. they are also looking for pages that will not conduct their prosecution.
Try to eliminate the rights of holders items Copyright your page and your vidéos.apres .You can create a Google Adsense account for free on from there, you just have to accept the terms, then click on “Create account “. You will be important for access. If you are a minor, ask an adult to help you. You may be disappointed, but this is something you can not distort. You will need either a PayPal account or a bank account, to have a email address valid and other information so that they can verify your identity and to know who send money regulations.
You only earn money for each click on an ad, and a smaller amount with each viewing, but these amounts may become significant over time.
This is why the public is essential.
Do not use YouTube to only publish your videos! Start a blog, you create a website or publish them on other social media sites. The more they are viewed, the more you will earn.
By sharing the link or by integrating Internet video will increase the chances of being noticed and earn ca argent.pour I have the advice you have a video with a good qualité.un better content contained maintain a public longer, so try to draw up your resources.
Do not let a poor quality camera discourage you is in practicing we get to perfection regularly download the contenu.essayez to find a niche; take your time to define the scenario of your vidéos.veillez to add tags when you upload your videos, trying to attract the attention of a public online; not only use YouTube to publish your content, distribute it all over the Internet. The site “” is an excellent platform to broadcast your video on a site DOZEN diffé I have warnings also for you, partnerships with YouTube available to most people that very little money. Unless you have an incredible success, do not plan your future unemployed; if the contents of one of your videos has copyright (eg music that you have not made yourself , content from films, etc.), you will have little chance of being part of a partnership program; some people can leave nasty comments to cut you into pieces; the décourager.pour you not let your new Work he has the necessary elements to this last premierment a camera, a YouTube account, a Google Adsense account (be major), a computer, a phone or other device that allows you to go to YouTube anda content regularly downloaded

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