How to update your WordPress Theme?

Of the security measures obvious for WordPress, there is that to stay updated!

When it comes to update WordPress and / or its plugins, it is rather easy with our admin and few people are reluctant, however there is an update many consider optional or even dangerous: The update their WordPress theme

Do not update his theme, it is a mistake for several reasons:

  • the theme may contain a security flaw

  • the theme can not be compatible with some plugins

  • the theme can not be compatible with the latest version of WordPress

  • You will not get the latest features of the theme

Whether your theme is free or premium it is essential to update !


Put your WordPress theme to date!

Before proceeding, as with any major change, do not forget no backup your WordPress, one is never too careful.

Since you are a regular reader of WP Training, you’ll also planned a child theme to move it safely, your CSS changes;)

Updating a WordPress theme directory

If you have installed a free or freemium theme from, very easy!

Go to your WordPress admin, and then in Control panel >> updates and you will see the theme you need to update.

mettre à jour son thème

One click and voila!

mettre à jour son thème

WordPress downloaded from the source theme in ZIP format, decompresses, installs and finally it removes the old version.

updating a premium theme

If the update of a theme WordPress directory is extremely easy and effortless for premium themes on the other hand, it is different. This will also depend on the platform where you purchased the theme.

Updating a theme from Themeforest

If you bought your theme in Themeforest , first download and install the plugin Envato WordPress Toolkit Master (often included with the theme files).

mise a jour

once installed, visit your Themeforest account to get your API key.

mise a jour thème

with your key, fill in the information requested by the plugin Envato WordPress Toolkit ie your username and API key Themeforest recovered above. You can also choose not to automatically save the previous version (Backup Information >> Skip Theme Backup) during the update.

mettre à jour son thème premium

C is done, you now have access to all the themes you bought on Themeforest platform and you can update them in one click.

mise a jour thème WordPress premium

Updating a theme in ElegantThemes

All platforms themes worthy of the name, provide updates using a dedicated or directly via plugin their themes. ElegantThemes no exception to the rule.

Log into your account and get your own API key.

mettre à jour son thème elegantthemes

Then, it depends on the topic. If you use the excellent theme DIVI , it goes directly into the latter settings from the Updates option.

updates-theme divi

If you use another theme, install their plugin ElegantThemes Updater . Once it installed you will have access to updates of their themes from your WordPress admin.

mettre à jour son thème elegantthemes

The manual method FTP

If your theme does not have a direct upgrade option, it will use the manual method. Rest assured, this is barely longer than the methods described above.

To update manually, you will need your FTP access (move closer to your host if you do not / no longer have them). It should also download the latest version of the theme in the platform or you bought it. Once downloaded, unzip it on your computer.

Log into your FTP and simply drag the theme folder from your PC (left in the picture) to the directory / wp-content / themes / in the existing contents

mise a jour theme wordpress

Note 1 . If you want to keep by security the old version, just before the drag / drop via Filezilla, rename the old version of the theme old_twentytwelve and then proceeding with the update. So in case of problem, you still have the previous version available

Note 2 . No, in doing so you will not lose the settings of your theme, indeed these are stored in the database. However, if you changed the theme files (PHP, CSS) without child theme used then these changes will be lost.

This article is finished! You now have at your disposal several methods to update easily your WordPress theme

I reiterate once again the basic precautions. Make backups, use a child theme, update WordPress plugins and your theme )

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