How to uninstall Avast on Windows 10, 8 or 7?


Tired of Avast? PC competes with turtles since you installed? You want to get rid of as quickly and cleanly? We can say that you are fallen! This short tutorial will show you how uninstall Avast your computer in just a few steps. Ready to compete with the hares? 😉


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To permanently remove and properly Avast , we will use the uninstall utility Clear Avast provided by the software creator. This works regardless of the version of Windows you are using (10, 8, 7 …)

Start Clear download Avast from the official website of Avast. Once downloaded, double-click the file avastclear .


Click Yes to run the tool in Safe mode.


Click again on Yes to start rebooting the PC. Warning: Back up well all the documents on which you are working before you click Yes



After restarting the PC, log in to your Windows session and click on the button Run when the security warning.


Select the version of Avast you have installed (if the free version, let ‘Avast Free Antivirus “) and click Uninstall .


Uninstalling Avast then starts. Once Avast completely uninstalled , click Restart the computer .


That’s it! Avast was definitely (and properly) removed from your system 😉


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