How to transform the physical buttons on your Android smartphone shortcuts [Full Guide]

The Android smartphones allow many things and now we find ourselves in a new very useful tutorial . Indeed, with this application you will be able to transform the physical buttons on your smartphone shortcuts to an application or action.

honor 8 volume

we know about Android when you’re root you can do many things by example change the function of the buttons on his smartphone to correspond to shares or to launch an application. Well you should know that you can also do it without you need the root.

Indeed renowned developer ElementalX Aaron Segaert, has developed an application for that. So you will be able to assign your physical or capacitive buttons shortcuts to launch an action or even an application. You should know that some manufacturers offer such things as Honor the Honor 5X and multi-function fingerprint reader.

How to transform pysiques buttons of your Android smartphone shortcuts

First thing to do as always, download the application, Button Mapper, just below:

Currently the application is still in beta phase but works well nonetheless. Upon launching the application you will have to grant him access to accessibility settings.



After it is your turn, you can attribute that you want as your action buttons . You can choose an action like turning on the flashlight or increase brightness, you can also choose to launch an application for you to see.





in the free version, you can change the volume buttons and the home button like on the Galaxy or HTC or 10 OnePlus 3. the capacitive buttons of these models can also be changed, das but the pro version for $ 2.39. By cons for models with the buttons on the screen only the volume buttons may change function.

The hope, as always, this little tutorial will help. Feel free to give us your feedback in the comments.

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