How To Increase Eanings From Propellerads [direct Links Tricks] [Quick Guide]

Do you use propellerads to monetize your blog? there is something really cool here for you.
Its a means optimizing your ads and increasing your earnings with the use of Direct links.
This is by the propellerads team.

Advantages of the Direct Link ad format – increase earnings with propellerads

  • Use your own creatives of any size and content to attract maximum visitors.

  • Direct link can be integrated with any design or navigation element on your site.

  • The number of links you can use on the same page is unlimited.

  • The format works perfectly with any other ad units, for example, Mobile Interstitial. You can easily combine it with other networks’ ads and even AdSense.

  • If you have your own traffic management solutions (pop-up/pop-under scripts, content lockers, traffic management scripts etc.,) you can use Direct Link as a destination url.

  • When using the direct link format you don’t paste any javascript onto your site. So, there is no risk of getting a malware alert from Google.

  • The direct link format can be used everywhere where you can’t place traditional ad units: social media, free video hostings, forums and others. You can use it even if you don’t own a site.

  • This is a 100% cross-platform solution that can be used with any mobile app or desktop software. Developers can combine our direct ads with any event inside their app (for example, open link if a user completes a level in a game or clicks any buttons).

  • You can also mask our direct link with any url shortener service or link masking plug-in. Your visitors will see it as an internal link.

  • If you buy traffic you can send it directly to our link. By this means you minimize possible traffic loss that can occur when using a pre-landing page. In return, provide automatic optimization and 100% fill rate. Our advanced advertisers’ campaigns testing system, along with automatic optimization algorithms, find the best match for each of your visitors.



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