How to Increase Blog Traffic Despite Having No Online Experience [Quick Guide]

Darren Rowse at Pro Blogger has engineered an online masterpiece of a blog. He’s obviously fully clear on covering one blog topic: blogging tips.

One look at his blog screams “All blogging tips all the time.”

Every element on Pro Blogger aligns 100% with blogging tips. From posts to pages to ads to eBooks to anything on his site, you know exactly what you’re getting.

No confusion. No lack of clarity.

As an aspiring blogger with no prior experience getting fully clear on your blog topic and sticking with this subject will drive traffic to your blog more than any other strategy. Like-minded, interested folks will find your blog and will freely promote you to their friends who want to learn more about this subject matter.

In essence, by getting clear on your topic you recruit a small (but growing) army of folks who’ll readily promote you to their followings.

This is how Darren went from struggling for the first few months of his blogging career to building a 300,000 member community at Pro Blogger.

See Your Perfect Reader in Vivid Detail

Unless you see your perfect reader clearly it’s like throwing darts at a board 100 feet away from you while blindfolded.

This is why the vast majority of green, newbie bloggers rarely see any significant blog traffic on their blogs. If you can’t see the perfect reader you won’t see the traffic.

Instead of cursing your lack of experience or dearth of traffic do this: build a detailed, specific image of your perfect reader.

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits has built a 2 million reader subscriber base. It’s evident he’s visualized a clear image of his perfect reader. 

Screenshot 2016-08-10 at 5.01.40 PM

He caters to individuals who want to find simplicity and mindfulness in a sometimes zany world. His minimalist blog design, simple and to the point posts and overall brand connect with the ideal Zen Habits reader in almost effortless fashion.

Set aside 30 minutes today to see your perfect reader in mind. What problems does your reader face? What struggles do they experience? What pain points make your reader suffer? Carefully paint a vivid picture to easily see this individual.

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