How to fix black screen after updating windows 10 in laptop [Quick Guide]

Fix black screen problem in laptop after updating windows 10 mobileslatestWhen we install new operating system, it makes some changes in our laptop. But sometimes these updates are not good for our devices. Similarly when we install operating system of windows 10 in laptop, it makes changes in the laptop and some changes become a major problem. Example- after updating the windows 10, black screen will come in laptop or computer. Let’s know how to remove black screen problem in our windows 10.

Three ways to fix black screen problem in windows 10

  1. Go to the safe mode Safe mode will help you to keep away from the black screen in windows 10. Boot your laptop on safe mode. To keep your laptop in safe mode from following steps-

Step 1. Press the start button and power button together. Hold the shift key and select restart.

Step 2. Select troubleshoot.

Step 3. Then select advanced option and then choose startup setting.

Step 4.  Then select Restart.

Step 5. After reboot the computer, select Enable safe mode with networking with the help of arrow keys.

Step 6. Press the windows key + C and choose setting. Select change PC setting.

Step 7. Choose update and recovery and windows update or check details and check for updates.

Step 8. Install the updates under optional.

  1. Restore the drivers for restoring the drivers follow these steps-

Step 1. Go to the device manager.

Step 2. Open the category of display adaptor.

Step 3. Select the option under the display adaptor with the help of right side button of the mouse and select properties.

Step 4. Select driver tab.

Step 5. Select roll back driver.

  1. Remove battery If you get the black screen problem then remove the battery once. Before removing the battery unplug the laptop from the main switch. Then remove the battery and put it back after sometime. Plug in again the laptop or computer.

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