How to create an online account easily silver

how to create an online account silver facilement


Posted by: Aziz Twati Friday, January 3, 2014

1. How – I open a PayPal account
Opening a PayPal account is quick and easy .
to open a paypal account www.paypal.comUne Once you have a PayPal account, you can pay for purchases online, send and receive payments internationally; track your expenses in ligne.Sur your PayPal account, you can save MasterCard credit cards; Visa; National Banking Card; Aurora; Vpay card; Cofinoga / PrivilègeCofidis 4 stars, American Express, Discover, Maestro.mais the Banking Visa Electron card is not accepted by paypal and make payments using paypal virtual cards ca register your card after your name bancairesous PayPal account becaufe the paypal system detects that you add and remove cards frequently, which may jeopardize the proper functioning of your PayPal account
new PayPal Visa Card. convenient and flexible, this payment card is used for all your purchases online as in stores. It allows you to set credit or once without charge for single use € 500 over a 45-month period the adjustable floor and 19.26% and the monthly payment € 15.24 Total amount due 686 62 euro credit engages you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit; Demende for your visa card paypal conecter you have your paypal account to make a demende.
2. How do I open a SKRILL / MONEYBOOKERS account?
the opening of a skril account is simple and fast or Skrill (Moneybookers) this last is an electronic purse that can transfer funds from your bank account to the gaming sites or business lines. It also allows to send money to friends who have a Skrill (Moneybookers) very easily. Transactions are fast and easy.
It’s been over a month that became Moneybookers Moneybookers. The transition from Moneybookers to Skrill will definitively in 2012. The name change is of course accompanied by some changes in the electronic wallet as you know it: a new generation of payment systems will emerge. The final objective is to bring Moneybookers by Summer 2012, a new version of the site entirely under the Moneybookers brand with new features and a much simpler handling.
you can now see that the site’s identity has changed. This new interface allows you to familiarize yourself with the new brand and a glimpse of their new look. However, how to use Skrill (Moneybookers) will not change for now.
There is just on your right the list of sites of online gambling (poker, Paris Sport & Turf) compatible with Skrill .for inscrir Visit the website of Skrill (Moneybookers) .Remplissez the form by filling in your contact information; Choose the motto Euros.Une Once your account created and validated your email address you will use your Skrill (Moneybookers) by connecting directly to the site. You will discover the interface offering multiple tabs with skril moneybookers transfer funds to a friend by filling in the E-mail address. If the person does not have Skrill (Moneybookers), she will receive an email to guide her. The fee is 1% of the transfer amount with a minimum of € 0.50 prélè as you find on the Internet gambling sites, auction sites, gaming sites and full Ebay others … .envoyer SMS (€ 0.15) or Fax (€ 0.50) or pay auction on good numbers sites.skril allows you to deposit funds into your account and withdraw funds from your 2 donation account to your bank account has 5 moin jor 1.80 EURO per voucher costs € 3.50 and for transfer by Visa € 1.80 for credit card Skrill (Moneybookers) offers a few months ago called prepaid credit card allowing you to make withdrawals from any distributors and pay for your purchases (shopping, cinemas, restaurants …). The card application is made directly via the website of Skrill (Moneybookers) and will cost you € 10 operating costs are 1 € 80 per cash withdrawal in an automatic and free window for payments at merchants limits transactions are 250E per day for cash withdrawals € 1,000 per day for payments.
Skrill (Moneybookers) is a practical and efficient solution to manage its money on the Internet. The transactions are fast and secure. The site also offers a debit card / payment operating on the MasterCard network to have its funds immediately.
finally you must savoire that for security reasons, the support Skrill (Moneybookers) you asked to verify your bank account during registration. The site does impose transaction limits may be increased by providing supporting documents and I told you that there are warning ca Skrill (Moneybookers) will ask if your transactions regarding the sites of online gambling. It may be that your credit card is refused then the restrictions applied by your banque.Depuis opening the market for online gambling in France, it is no longer possible to make withdrawals from your Poker / Turf account / Paris Sport to Skrill (Moneybookers). This situation should change in the coming months …
3. How can I open an account netler?
One of the most frustrating things when playing poker on the Internet is that it is difficult to change money with sites that host online poker software. The method preferred by most players is a service called NETELLER .
NETELLER is used for many years and is a recognized tool reliable for online poker players. This system, practical and easy to use offers both speed, different benefits and a good support service. To this must be added the fact that they give every week and every month the money. NETELLER also offers other means but they generate fees, such as using a NETELLER debit card that gives you access to your account immediately from any ATM.
There InstaCASH which also offers the possibility of instant transfer from the source of your money to the host of your choice.
to Create your account go to the website of NETELLER, and click Join to seize your informations.puis check the email address you registered to receive the NETELLER response. Enter your information your name and other details requested on the registration form. You must enter a valid phone number to the extent that we will call you to confirm your compte.Confirmez your gender and date of birth. Canadian customers should select US Dollar as currency. Select US Dollar will save you money in the long term to the extent that when you make transfers from your bank account to your NETELLER account, money will be exchanged into US Dollar is the currency used in most rooms poker. If using Canadian dollars, you will have to change them every time you want to transfer money to a poker room and most rooms do not apply during the day. If you live in Europe and you’re planning to play in a room that accepts GB Pounds or Euros, select one of these currencies Last step and confirm your new NETELLER account is open and ready for use. You will now have to choose a method to deposit funds into your account. Four options are available to you, the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), InstaCash, credit card or transfer bancaire.pour use EFT, you can transfer funds directly from your bank account to your NETELLER account. These transactions are free but require 4-5 working days. To use EFT, simply enter your bank account on NETELLER.
This method is only available for members of the USA and Canada. You need to confirm your bank account number with a checkbook or an Institution number you can get by calling your bank,
Depo InstaCASH is an instant EFT: Just like a normal ETT, during a t InstaCASH you withdraw funds from your bank account to deposit to your NETELLER account. However, with InstaCash, the deposited amount is instantly available when a TEF takes 4-5 working days to be compensated. It is possible that the money put up to 4 working days to leave your account, but with a InstaCash deposit, NETELLER makes the money available immediately. However, consider that there are 8.9% fee on deposits InstaCASH.
Some poker rooms cover these costs for you. Be sure this is the case, unless you want to play immédiatement.pour Credit Card Enter your credit card number to make a deposit. Many credit cards do not allow to make deposits to gambling sites and online money and NETELLER is classified as a gambling site and money online, so this option not work with many credit card companies.
You can make a bank transfer from any bank in the world. Note that the bank transfer is different from the TEF.
For a bank transfer, you have to go physically into your local bank, with the appropriate information from the NETELLER bank to initiate a deposit into your account, NETELLER c is a good way for international transfers, but it is less convenient than the TEF or InstaCASH insofar as it requires to fulfill a lot of form and move to the bank Finally Confirm account and make a deposit into the poker rooms.
NETELLER will then ask you to call them to confirm your deposit. At that time, they will ask you questions to make sure that it is in your account, they will ask you for example the answer to your secret question and password. Once you have completed this step, you’ll just need your account number and your secure ID to make a deposit in the poker rooms. Now that you’re done with the registration, you have a very convenient and easy way to make transfers from one poker room to another poker room. The more you transfer and you will receive NETPoints that can be used to receive money.
NETELLER offers a wide selection of withdrawal options to meet the needs of all its members, wherever they are. Being able to quickly withdraw your money when you need it is equally important to make a deposit and transfer of money quickly and convenient.
With NETELLER, you can withdraw funds from your NETELLER account to your bank account and your personal NETELLER ATM card. Withdrawals can also be made by check, with several delivery methods ranging from standard postal services via overnight delivery by FEDEX.
4. How can I open an AlertPay account?
Pay for online purchases or send money in more than 190 countries in a simple and convenient way without compromising your personal data and always free with AlertPay, management payments of your business or selling your products online is easy and safe. Get paid instantly. withdrawals and deposits into your eWallet are fast, easy and affordable! Payza offers several options to make your transactions take your pick.
First go on to register
Check if you are in French (if not click and choose French and then choose your PaysPuis account personal Pro and properly complete all requested personal information then click Next step and Continue to fill the information requested
A. Enter your email address
B choose a password and confirm the password again
C transaction PIN.. you must choose a 4-digit code ( example, the code of your credit card) This is an additional security for all transactions.
D. Confirm your new transaction PIN
E. Then choose your security question and response related to the Question => Please do not forget to serve as recover your password and / or PIN if you forget and especially used to identify you when you call the Payza.Entrez Captcha codes required check Terms then click final stage and then check your email account and confirm your AlertPay account by clicking on the link received in the email.
This is your Payza account created to check and completely validate their AlertPay account after its creation.
after confirming your email address, there is still a step and this is the account validation
because his status is’ Personal account Pro * unaudited * Login to your AlertPay account and click the link in the main menu, it will show you the option simply select the various “My credit cards” in the menu and then you show page asking for credit card information.
Enter your full name in the first text box field is written on the credit card and enter the number to 16 card numbers in the next field. After that, enter the expiration date as well as CSV / CVV number on the back of the credit card. Make sure the billing address matches the address mentioned in the credit card account and click the Next button.
Now it will ask for confirmation, just click the button “I agree” checkbox and click the Next button. Make sure your account is at least $ 2 AlertPay-because they will send the money to your local bank account to verify your account. After 2 days you will see a transaction in your local bank account Payza. With this transaction, you will see a code, just copy this code and login into your AlertPay account.
Enter the special code you receive in your local bank account and enter the field credit card verification. When you click on your account check button will vérifier.Voilà your AlertPay account and check.

5. How can I open an account payounner?
Payoneer is a Mastercard prepaid debit, which allows to open a bank account américain.Pour get these bonuses, the godson must charge its card $ 100 upon receipt of the card, following the activation. (Let € 75.3050)
There are conditions to open an account payonner. must be 18 years Owning a piece of identification (driver’s license, passport, identity card). Having a PayPal account or a checking bank account. Paypal / or bank account must be energized you will need $ 100 to charge your card the first time to get your bonus.S’inscrire (free card): Click here after registration check your account after the email received. you will receive your Payoneer card in a month (for my part: the controlled 7/29/13 and received on 09/08/13) has ctiver your card easily he must make your first deposit: $ 100 and a bonus of 25 Obtained $ Do not worry, that money is always yours, this balance is simply available on your Payoneer card instead of your bank account. reload your card with a card paypal the Payoneer prepaid debit card works just like any other prepaid debit card and can be used for shopping online, in stores, and ATMs all over the world where MasterCard ® / Visa is acceptée.Virement international.Recevoir US fund companies such as PayPal, Amazon, Clickbank, and encore.Vérifier your Paypal accounts, Skrill … money Transfer. Earn money with the program “Tell a friend”
6. Registration Guide for Service Payoneer
Since its founding, Payoneer is -without any doubt- a reliable company and recognized in full swing, continues to introduce new solutions innovative payment and effectively contributes to the enrichment of including these customers.
as we know, the majority of leading uS companies in their field of perspective like Google, Facebook,, Ebay, Amazon, PayPal and others typically require a US bank account and a debit card for the verification procedure. Payoneer services remain the range of ideal payment solution for non-US residents, where candidates from around the world can opt for a US bank account provided by Payoneer. Among other major benefits of using Payoneer payment processor is able to verify all electronic banking as Paypal and Moneybookers and withdraw your funds from these banks or electronic payment processors in your US bank account to be automatically deposited or transferred your Payoneer debit card that you can use to withdraw cash from all ATMs that accept MasterCard, or to shop online or at merchants that accept payments via MasterCard … also, if you sellers are online or you are offering online services (design, programming, translation …) or simply affiliated in one of the partner companies as Payoneer Odesk, one Hour Infolinks Ebay or you can use the Payoneer debit card with the account US banking partner as a means of payement.Pour start using the services of Payoneer, please read the following. The Payoneer site with its interface both attractive and simple is available in several languages ​​and among the French of course, subscribe to Payoneer affiliate program (we’ll see later what is a card Payoneer affiliate) note that when applying, you must provide a scanned copy of your ID issued by the government as the national identity card, passport or driving license. Do not forget to check the coordinates you entered before each validation (Email registration, name, address … etc). All applications will be reviewed and subject to the policies and regulations of Payoneer.Dans a 3 day maximum period and once your account opening application is accepted you will be informed by an email and your card will arrive by mail to ‘address you validé.Une once your card arrives you must activate it online via your compte.Choisissez your method of payment and how to get paid .All members Payoneer worldwide are legitimate for the service US bank account or they can finally receive payments from US companies among others, Payoneer partners. It is sufficient that holds a Payoneer account that activated his US bank account (US payment service) to connect to their account with the company that wants to receive payments from him and choose to get paid by direct bank deposit and then enter their contact his bank américaine.Si you are affiliated with a Payoneer partner like: odesk, Elance, Infolinks … Etc. Simply log into your account with the partner and choose Payoneer as a payment method. The company network or send your payments directly to your membership card Payoneer.les benefits of affiliate Payoneer account: As I mentioned, if you want to register for a new account Payoneer, you can do so via one many partners or affiliate programs offering Payoneer as a payment method, but if you register through a Payoneer partner like oDesk, Elance or 2ChekOut, you must receive a payment partner to activate your card, d Besides, you need to be paid three times by the partner who referred you to enable the US payment service. At this point, you can not open an account directly from Payoneer but you can open an account through an affiliate of Payoneer and it’s called: a Payoneer affiliate account that is in fact more advantageous more flexible where the costs are lower and you will not need to obtain payments via to activate your card or to get your US bank account, plus you’ll receive a $ 25 bonus, and the map sees more original than the maps obtained via Payoneer partner. When you drop your first $ 100 you will get a $ 25 bonus. For more information please visit my blog and feel free to contact me
7. Partner Payoneer
Now and thanks to the American payment service (US payment service) offered by Payoneer, you can get your payment by this premium service Payoneer and enabled users receive instant payments by direct deposit from US global leading companies in their fields and selected partners of Payoneer like. Paypal, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and other
in fact, the funds received through the US payment service department will be instantly transferred to the debit card Payoneer prepaid MasterCard ® you can use in any ATM that accepts MasterCard ® to withdraw your funds.
We are not without know that some countries are not supported by PayPal when PayPal is becoming more and more the processor most used and necessary payment, Payoneer tan Paypal partner provides complete and now it’s everyone can Paypal use without limit and that is what we will see in chapters
Here list some s partners of Payoneer that suivent:
odesk ecommerce, Platforms, Fastpring, Plimus,
2checkout, Perks, TrialPay, TripleClick, affiates leads
Copeac, eToro, Markethealth, Mediashakers
ROIRocket, Oridian SmowtionMedia
DirectSales. AliveMax, American
, Rena, Apriori, Beauty, FreedomRocks
Health, ECHoice, iLearningGlobal
Kyani, Visalus, Itworks Xsura Freelancer
Wellnes Pro, World Venture Market,
Elance, Guru, Lime, Exchange,
, Rent, acoder, uTest, Dreamstime,
Payroll, Cmpleaders. DouglasRanchcamp, Iroqouis
USsport instite, judaea, texascamp young,



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