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This guest article was written by Edith Lassiat Site Happy Life Lab

A unique experience, the luxury

Luxury has something special and unique that can be intelligently dissected to bring us key in our web-contractor of construction.

It brings together a number of values, transposable factors.

Having worked for years in the luxury sector, I learned a number of valuable key that I propose to transpose.

The dream, evoking the universe that contains the brand itself

On the web, we will reach as many people and often without the meeting take place, so we give illusion of presence without this major argument, physical presence and yet we will create a strong bond, powerful and often emotional .

We represent an intimate presence often – out seminar-face that some of us organize – without support other than the dream spread in our offers, our shared moments …

This is our identity and what we will convey that will transmit the dream.

Attention : When I talk about dreams, I do not mean illusion, for the offers and programs must have a real transformational power for those who will follow


The consistency of the value chain and marketing

Over time, the bond created takes a color, a unique flavor and is based on a clear and recognizable identity. In the luxury, all the ingredients reflect (the product network, the leaflets, to shops, vendors …)

On the web, we can talk about the DNA of those that we follow over the webinars and videos or blogs.

Each exudes its history, his personality, his way of sharing a unique and recognizable among all gasoline.

A unique DNA, a tone, a quality, a very specific content.

A DNA that can be found in all media by which we will communicate (websites, blogs, social networks mails …)

Find your DNA is one of the keys to long term success.

Differentiate yourself.

Find your color.

Learning Excellence

The whole communication chain for web entrepreneurs is sophisticated, accurate and demand a real mastery of the tools, the image conveyed.

It requires special skills and should project the elements that make it immediately recognizable. It must be neat.

An email X may look like an email from Y.

Find your tone. Your identity.
Ditto for a Facebook page for a YouTube channel, for a blog or a website …
A consistent presence across all media we will use help to leverage our presence and consistency.

The light transmission of the same values ​​that are yours

Any such consistency is to print in hearing your uniqueness.

Your specificity, your identity. It guarantees you a place in the competitive world of web and multiple and a strong presence, particularly affective in memory and affect your hearing.

The feeling of belonging that it engenders in its “adopter”

This uniqueness of your presence generates a strong link and generates a feeling of belonging among your audience. This is the loyalty.

It creates appointments. Real expectations.

Just as users of the brand are its ambassadors, our own satisfied customers or loyal listeners are the ones who go by their testimony strengthen our reputation.

The steps of your success:

What are the steps that as a web entrepreneur you are going through and manage to excel in this otherwise very competitive world and evolving?

1 / The importance of identity. You define. Build your reference universe.

You know intimately, your strengths, your weaknesses, your strengths

Your code, your history, your values, your expertise, your lifestyle …

Dare to be yourself, showcase who you are.

Tell your story, your personal legend, your saga.
This is it, let you define your DNA and inspire those who will be attracted to your personality and history, those who recognize themselves.

2 / Define your vision:

long term Look , do you plan on time.
Build a lasting presence.

Be aware that everything is built over time and over time.

Your values ​​support your vision, they will give you the power necessary and momentum to get through difficult times.

What contribution do you bring to the world?

3 / Create an emotional strong emotional bond with your audience, whether buyer or not.

It is essential to attract the right audience and the right customers based on who you are and what you emanate.
Therefore, be genuine.

Get inspired by your life, your story, your dreams!

Does What inspiring?

What have you succeeded in particular that can help others transform their lives?

What have you managed to overcome and you can bring to the world?

(See PPP (Point Penalty Paroxysmal) Laurent Chenot in B3G)

The WOW effect is possible !!

is born of the power of your history, your desire, your passing, your commitment.

It attracts people who have a history, values, needs similar to ours.

“You do not buy what you sell, but what you emanate, you inhale”

Put in your personal saga light, your personal legend, this means

Be clear in itself know …

Know write, convey the …

And accept that you can not please everyone.

4 / Know your market

Make your market studies and thematic items you

Books (what are the best sellers, titles, subjects …)

Blogs (which are most active)

Topics (radio, TV, press)

What happens in the collective unconscious (what are the most palpable expectations)

Identification and recognition of your expertise

What are the subject, the angles, the specifics you can provide?

5 / Develop your business connections in the heart of

Promote the interconnection between the partners.

Be aware of the importance of networking, master-minds

Be present everywhere

Meet people

Know who does what?

Understand the circles of influence and action

Learn from the experts who share their knowledge in these events.

Ride the skill level

Be aware (e) the importance of learning, develop your curiosity

6 / Find your DNA of communicating

Everyone has their way of passing, his brakes, his areas of strength, but the key is to get out of his comfort zone and learn how to reach out to others in a better way that fits you.

The one where your authenticity and your internal security emanate best.

7 / Learn what your customer really wants, your avatar;

Know who he is, how he lives, what he dreams, needs, desires, weaknesses, strengths, and create your offer so that it becomes irresistible.

One of the keys of the meeting is to organize regular webinars that are born of this interaction and a strong emotional bond and a detailed knowledge of its needs.

Edith Lassiat Site Happy Life Lab

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