How Cecile was EUR 100 000 in a year with her blog

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Text Transcription:

Olivier Roland: Hello, here Olivier Roland. I currently live on Skype with Cécile Ellert. Hi Cecilia!

Cecile Ellert Hi Olivier


Olivier Roland: Cecile, you are a member of my training Blogger Pro and Pro Webinar and therefore you’re a blogger who created the blog “ Club Natural Balance .” And recently you have also launched an English version called “Natural-Balance-Club”.

Cecile Ellert Yes


Olivier Roland: And you currently live in the United States. Currently, you are in Boston. Right?

Cecile Ellert Near Boston, yes


Olivier Roland: And I wanted to do this interview with you because you sent me an email a while ago who said to me: “Hey! Olivier, I want to tell you that it is absolutely great your training. I did a webinar that brought me 20,000 euros. “

And recently, you also told me at a common coaching session, you had earned 100,000 euros last year and you lot want me because you would have to pay a lot of taxes, which m has done much laughter. So what we’ll look a little together today is how you got such a success?

What were you doing before you start in blogging?

Cecile Ellert I aromatherapist. This is something that does not exist in France. In fact, it’s been 20 years that I am no longer in France. When I started in your training, in Blogger Pro, I was in China, Hong Kong and holistic aromatherapist I was in a clinic there.

And I was more or less forced me to publish things online, create a website, etc. because I spent my time repeating the same things to my clients and I needed to do a lot of education.

Olivier Roland: This is something to be aromatherapist


Cecile Ellert: This is replace anything that is toxic, all that is medicated, etc., with essential oils


Olivier Roland: Ok. By natural things?

Cecile Ellert Mainly essential oils. Holistic version of aromatherapy is to mix it with Chinese medicine. It’s energy mix and chemistry, if you want. And as I kept repeating endlessly the same things to my clients, I finally start writing all this on a blog where they could refer to educational purposes.

Then, it took me to create a method, a lot of things to apply what I told them. And I said, to make things easier, I must learn to disseminate such information.

I do not know why we ended up with several girls there to Hong Kong to talk about your training, there was 4 or 5 years.

Olivier Roland: This is awesome anyway. You’re telling me that there are people talking about my training at the end of the world 🙂

Cecile Ellert Yes


Olivier Roland: This is what makes the power of the Internet: to reach a global audience. It’s amazing.

Cecile Ellert Exactly. Yes. And so we wanted to put it to many. In fact, I started together with another girlfriend called Lamia, to which you replied to questions during the coaching, which is in the beads.

Nothing to do with me. But we had agreed both. We said: Go, we go both. We get it and we will try to help, etc.

After I left Hong Kong. But that’s how it started.

I did not necessarily always all the time to apply everything because I was busy.

Olivier Roland: What? What do you mean you have not applied any?

Cecile Ellert No, because as I was in the United States, it still was not easy to use what you said because it applied mainly to French. And I had a lot of technical difficulties and more. So there are things that were a little more complicated for me, but I had a great bowl of having created a product.

What really helped me also is that there has been more of your students, it has regrouped in fact to create a kind of group of bloggers.

Olivier Roland: perfect


Cecile Ellert To redeem


Roland Olivier This is one of my recommendations precisely


Cecile Ellert Yes, that’s it. We did it.

Olivier Roland: When do you started “clubequilibrenaturel”


Cecile Ellert I think it should be 4 years


Olivier Roland: When did 4 years. Ok. You created when you are registered you training?

Cecile Ellert Yes


Olivier Roland: So you put some time before you can start making money with


Cecile Ellert I still remember it. I was amazed a friend who was visiting there and who told me: Whoa! You have a thousand people coming to your site every day.

Olivier Roland: That’s not bad


Cecile Ellert Yes. In fact, you told us to start training and I was terrified by it. But cons, I was selling more and more books, especially one that’s kind of my bestseller, because of which I had to create the English version of my site to sell in English, etc. since calling me in English. And soon I began to sell a hundred of that book per month. And what’s funny is that I never started this book.

Olivier Roland: It sold itself


Cecile Ellert It sold itself without launching


Olivier Roland: He speaks of what your book


Cecile Ellert: This is a book that did not exist until now. In fact, it is a book that takes people by the hand to completely get rid of junk called candida albicans which is the origin of many diseases of this century.

Last October, we convinced me to create my online training, the first training in holistic aromatherapy because it does not exist in France. In France, they only clinical aromatherapy. They do not mind all that is emotional and energy dimension; and that’s my specialty. So I created this.

This product was still quite expensive. I made a version for professionals in approximately 2,700 euros and a version for amateurs to about 1000 euros. I started suddenly launch webinar. I did a webinar. And there following the webinar, I did not really even introduced what I was doing. I talked about how to live without drugs, how to learn to do and bing! I sold. I started then to use Facebook for the first time and I went out that there were plenty of people who came to Facebook this webinar and bought my training. And I made $ 26 000 once.

Olivier Roland: 26,000 dollars, wow! Okay.

Olivier Roland: But you did a webinar or was


Cecile Ellert No. It has sold over 5 days. It was part of a launch. So I made an introductory webinar. The launch lasted 5 days. It was between the webinar and the end of the launch. It made me 26,000 dollars.

Olivier Roland: Okay. Super.

Cecile Ellert And where I told you that it had terrorized my husband is when we made the tax return. There he did not doubt that … In addition, I made more than $ 100 000 a year.

Olivier Roland: This is a nice problem to have to have earned more money than expected


Cecile Ellert He panicked. He said: Shit, we will have to pay a ton of taxes with your nonsense. Luckily I still had enough fresh and I do not live in France. I do not know how to do besides French, but here, it’s still not the same thing at tax level.

Olivier Roland: Yes, you surprise me. This is much less confiscatory, let’s say.

Ok, great. What is interesting is that you are put yourself in a market where there is clearly a demand that is strong, that is natural, where there is not a world of competition too, so that you have been spotted quickly.

Cecile Ellert That is clear. There is nothing to do. The niche is huge. And even now, I’m kind of guru for some reference.

Olivier Roland: Note the word “guru” because in France is …

Cecile Ellert Quotation marks, you see. I created a private Facebook page on which people support when they follow what I say, etc., and exchange tricks. It’s crazy what. When you see their reactions, it’s pretty impressive. Today, I keep down my list, I try to keep it below 10 000 people with difficulty.

Olivier Roland: Why are you trying to keep below


Cecile Ellert Because first, AWeber, they make more money when it’s over


Olivier Roland: What you do is you’re trying to remove those that are inactive


Cecile Ellert I select


Olivier Roland: But you’d better focus on the fact you sell more. You know, today is not really big deal for you. If you’re at 100 000 per year already last year, you’ll probably do more this year. It’s not because you have 2000 people in your list and more that it will make a big difference in your sales finally in your spending especially.

Cecile Ellert Yes, but I’m about 5,000 visits per day


Olivier Roland: Great! It’s a lot. That makes 150,000 visits per month around. That makes 150,000 visits per month around. So, what did you do as a concrete action to increase this traffic?

Cecile Ellert Frankly, I think it is to get a group for launches. To be part of a group of bloggers, it was a lot. There is also not only that, but I also attended a summit TV. I am part of a Canadian platform where there are only holistic therapists above. They made a huge TV summit with a toolbox. We were 30 therapists to participate in it. Just the top TV, it allowed to touch 20,000 people.

Olivier Roland: That is not bad


Cecile Ellert So it helps that sort of thing. Really, I think you have to associate the product that kills with the right marketing and you associate with people who love what you do and are complementary. In that time, I sort of joint venture with a girlfriend who is in the same kind of business, except that it does not use any essential oils. It uses techniques other than me. So we mix in our respective launches. Me, I proposed to her last launch a bonus. She gives me one for my neighbor. There, I have one next month. So it’s still bound to find people with whom you can mix yourself. But there is nothing to do. The product, that changes everything.

Roland Olivier There are a lot of interesting things. What made your success is the fact that you already created a mutual support group. That is my advice all the time. When you start, even like when it’s been that you started and when you are making progress, surround yourself with people who are in the same approach as you and will help you and that you will help. It really helps a lot. Then two, you have participated in a joint event which is therefore called a top line – you could participate in a physical event as a speaker, it is ultimately the same – that allowed you to touch a rehearing. And as you say, this is the product that allows the end to have a real cost, to make his blog a real business simply.

Cecile Ellert In fact, the product that you become or not a reputation in your area


Olivier Roland: In addition, it is true that there is a question of positioning


Cecile Ellert There. So once you have a reputation, once you have an expert picture in what you do, automatically, I would not have been the expert that I am, it would not have offered to participate in summit TV. After, it helps for marketing. It’s true that I also use a lot of testimony. That’s huge.

Olivier Roland: Yes, it’s true. So there today, what are your plans for the English market since you have created an English version?

Cecile Ellert as I am because of you because you said we had to launch its products without finishing them, now that I have sold a lot of my training requires as I write. So I’m really engrossed by my training, and I have a new book.

There, I try every week gradually develop my English blog already in content because in my branch, the content is huge. In fact, I do not mind too much, I do not have time, so I send. I select articles that I’ve written in French and I translated by someone, and I put them on my blog in English every week. There, he’ll have to make a start. I have to use more marketing but really there. But that’s the point.

Olivier Roland: Okay. For now, you build your platform and you’ll see. Once you reach a certain traffic, you’ll be able actually to use it to sell your products.

Cecile Ellert Yes


Olivier Roland: Super. Listen, you can increase your sales even more by touching the English market is arguably more competitive but is also clearly much more important.

Cecile Ellert Yes, but it’s not at all the same way. That too. That for the moment, I began to associate myself with a girlfriend who makes webinars in English. I will learn to do webinars, and like that, I can enjoy her list in English. It is an activity that is complementary to mine. So I already use this system to be associated with people who do things almost identical, which cater to a target that can be mine too, and make webinars group. We have already made three in English. And then I just made a series of very short videos on Youtube that I will also have to make in English. I always try to duplicate all do.

Olivier Roland: This is exactly what to do


Thank you Cécile for sharing all this with us. Are you planning to how many sales this year? You want to double? You wanna triple?

Cecile Ellert Maybe I will succeed to reach 150.

Olivier Roland: I think you can easily double above that you never launch orchestrated on your products. Only webinars or books that are sold alone as you said. So I think you can more than double.

Cecile Ellert Then in April, I have a book that I run and I intend to use the webinar much for that. I understood one thing is that you always add a more expensive product in a book. So I’m mulling over.

Olivier Roland: This is clear. Submit it to upsell is to say that all people buy the book are offered another more expensive product if they want to go further simply.

Cecile Ellert Exactly


Olivier Roland: Ok. Cécile thank you very much for sharing all this with us.

Cecile Ellert I hope it will help in, especially girls, you need to do


Roland Olivier It is true that in Blogger Pro, finally in my students, there is the same proportion of women than women who create businesses in France, that is to say approximately one third. And obviously, we do expect that parity. So ladies, ladies, I hope it will motivate you to get started and to achieve the same success that Cecilia would even go beyond.

Cecile Ellert A message for girls. I joked to my husband when I started: you’ll see, one day, I’ll win more than you. Well, here.

Olivier Roland: Now it is you who earn more than him. Whoa! Challenge!

This is also the challenge for the guys, you understand. Maybe you are several guys to watch the video and say: Wow! She earns more than me too. That’s a challenge for you. That’s how we are motivated.

Thank you Cécile for sharing all this with us.

Cecile Ellert Yes


Olivier Roland: Thanks for watching this video. As usual, I need your feedback. If you liked this video, click “Like” just below and then share it. And as usual, I tell you tomorrow for new adventures. Goodbye.

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