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How to have a Youtube channel which cases?

You’re sharing the presentation that I made before about 200 people at WebDeuxConnect there a few months.

Since some time has elapsed. So some numbers are more accurate. For example, at the time, I celebrated the first 8000 subscribers and there soon, we will exceed 30 000 subscribers on my Youtube channel. Thank you for your enthusiasm.

Also, I stopped to make a video per day, but the majority of advice that I share are still relevant and timeless.

Olivier Good morning. So, how to use Youtube to blow your audience?

The official title is “How to make a million views? . “

After that, it is not certain that you make a million views. But in any case, how with simple means without taking your head, without the means of Hollywood production, you can increase your audience on YouTube, make a machine to know you more to an audience that you n ‘would not hit, and reach new prospects and new customers.

I introduce myself. I’m a blogger, you may know my blogs “Books for change of life,” “Pro Blogger”. I was using Youtube until recently very anecdotal. It was a support to put my videos and integrate them on my blogs. I had no particular strategy in relation to it.

In February 2014, I go to the other side of the world for two months, the Philippines, and I thought maybe I could get into a nice challenge was inspired by an American who Podcast Glossinger called Jimmy, who makes a podcast a day and a hit while. This is one of the most popular podcasts in the US.

And I said, during the 60 days I’ll be in the Philippines, I’ll get into a challenge to make a video per day


I do not really have any objective in relation to traffic on Youtube. It was just something fun I could do, that did not take long. The goal was really to 5 to 10 minutes per day for maximum wide shoot the video and upload it without any editing, and see what it was going to give.

At the time, just before I leave the Philippines, one of er January to 31 January 2014, the Youtube channel had 23,000 views so.

So, concept, flawed video, really cheap basic materials.

One of the biggest mistakes that many people, is to believe that it takes TV production means to make nice videos that are viewed several thousand times. This is not the case at all. And there is no Olympic preparation.

This is an example of this approach without taking the head I turned when I was north of the Philippines.


“Hello, here Olivier Roland, welcome to this new video that is part of my challenge of a video a day while I’m in the Philippines. So here I am in a situation a bit special because I’m on a construction truck. And what happened is that I went to a trekking few days, two days done, and once we arrived at the end point, it was supposed to go on a tricycle. A tricycle is this little device you can see there, maybe you can see on the side. And the problem is that there has been a huge landslide on the road to the mountain that occurred after the tricycle is spent to collect us and while we awaited us. So that in fact, the tricycle was blocked. So we continued to walk past the landslip and were very annoyed because there was, say, two or three hours walking then we would miss our bus that will take us back to Manila. Unfortunately, if we had not found someone to help us, we should have stayed an extra day and we would have paid for the bus ticket for nothing. There is this lovely truck driver who helped us out and took us aboard. And what’s great with all the people waiting for the bus because there were many people waiting for the bus also saw that the road was blocked, he took a lot of people on the road. And there, we soon arrive at its destination. And there are many who have already left. I said this is the opportunity to make a video in extreme conditions. You can see that there will be nobody to make videos in any circumstance. What’s great is that this man is now very happy and everyone thanked. He was warmly thanked already, we thank him.

And you must know that it has been scientifically proven that one of the best ways to be happy is to help others without expecting something in return. This is exactly what this brave driver who could stay home and decided to take his construction truck to give helping hands to people who were stranded because of the avalanche on the mountain.

So that is what I wanted to share with you today. Save BA from time to time. Give raids, even when you know that such people do not pay you back, just for the sake of helping people. Appointment service to society, you serve people and troubleshooting. And that’s great.

So thank you for following this video is in a condition a little bit special. To follow the next, click the button at the top right of it. As usual, I need your feedback, if you liked this video, click I just like below. If you did not like click I do not like. Thank you and see you tomorrow for the next. Goodbye. “

This video was not perfect, I drop words from time to time, I say something like “um” every thirty seconds. This is not technically perfect. There are small strains.

It was a small video I literally shot in two and a half minutes. She took me up to zero minutes since I did not mount at all. I uploaded like that and there were 15,000 views, people were delighted.

There must be 200 like this video. The people were very happy, and it is this type of video I published for two months when I was in the Philippines.

These included videos like this, but also videos in fixed plan. I’m not all the time on a construction truck. Sometimes I’m in boats or bus too.

The material that I used to make this video:

– First, an iPhone 5.

I bought expressly for this challenge because the front camera is capable of shooting in HD, not in 1080 but in 720. So, it allows me to film me while watching me to make sure I do not go out of the frame.

– The second important element is a telescopic fork


It is with this that I filmed in the truck. For those who follow the chain is what equipment I use when I walk in the street, etc.

– A small adapter that screws for iPhone


– To have a sound about right, tie a microphone with a windscreen that can run on the beach, even when the wind is extremely strong. It helps to have a good sound.

So, you plug the microphone on the iPhone tie. We plug the microphone tie on the shirt. We light, there is no need to unlock the iPhone. You put it on video, and it allows me to frame me constantly.

Often people think that I have a camera in front of the truck that was filming. This is not complicated and not expensive either.

You use the smartphone you already. It costs 30 euros, this is an X-shot 2. You can find it on Amazon. The adapter costs 15 euros. It’s just a standard tripod adapter versus Smartphone. Take a micro specific tie for iPhone, otherwise conventional microphones ties do not work. It must cost 30 euros and the small windshield 15. So that is 90 euros.

Obviously, we need the Smartphone. It is cheap. Anyone can do that.

I’ll give you a live video. You will give me a topic live and I’ll make a video two, three minutes in Live that will be published tomorrow on the Youtube channel, to show you that there is no need for preparation, there no need to take the lead, we can take matters like this.


“Hello Roland Olivier here, welcome to this new video. I’m in a place a bit special since I am currently WebDeuxConnect and then everyone fishing.

And what I’ll do in fact is that I will show a little bit of all this hearing and then to yourselves at the same time there is no need to take the lead.

Often people take the lead on stuff that is absolutely useless, and then you must have this 20/80 approach: 20% of work that brings 80% of income. So we will make a video on a subject.

To all who follow the chain a little bit, you know a little the subjects on which I make videos. There entrepreneurship, blogging, I speak a little happiness, how to be happier in life, etc.

So what is the topic you would like me to deal in the video that I’m going to do now? An application to increase productivity, how to live with a contractor? How his first video? What I learned in the Philippines? How his first video?

I can talk about this. It’s true that it’s interesting because one of the fears of many people when they make their first video, when they make their first podcast is oh my God! What I’m going to look? Everyone will be fun of me. Everyone will locate my little tic language or when my voice will start to derail, etc. And then when you listen, you think, my God, this is not possible, my voice is that bad? Whoa! And also when I upload it, people will throw me tomatoes in the street! This is not possible.

I will talk about this: How do her first video? How to start?

So it’s really a fear which is extremely widespread, and finally, there is not much to say. What I always say to people who ask me for advice in relation to this, is that we fear and do it anyway.

I remember my very first podcast that I published in 2008 or 2009. When I was recording, I was scared. I thought, but my God, people will hear my voice! It’s something horrible! Only my mother will tell me that it’s good, the other will say. This is not possible

So what do I do? It’s not that complicated really. I just got scared and I did it anyway. But what you want to do more in the end?

I mean, at some point, you have to kick a little ass, and then do it. And what’s great too, when you start your Youtube channel, you publish your first podcast, I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that no one will see your video to share your mother. The good news is that no one will see your video to share your mother. So who cares that it is imperfect, we do not care that you trampling, we do not care that you are afraid, we do not care because at the beginning, you can be even more imperfect you have no audience. And that is by practicing you will gain a little ease, a little more maturity on video, that it will go better and better, etc. and your audience will build as you go.

This is the same when you start creating your blog, your first article, it need not be something where everyone will say wow! We absolutely have proposed for the Nobel Prize for Literature. We do not care. Anyway, there is no one who reads it again. So at first you start imperfectly, you continue to progress imperfectly. And in the end, you will always be imperfect but you will still have a little progress and it may very well happen.

You saw the video I showed you to the Youtube channel, it was the famous video where I am on a truck talking DBA, it was far from perfect, it does has not prevented the audience to appreciate it.

In fact, today one of the keys to success on the Internet, that the Internet allows, which was very difficult to do before, is that we need not get Keeper, that is ie people, concierges who will decide whether or not you go and follow their instructions. You can connect directly to your audience without asking permission, without having to ask permission from anyone.

And suddenly, it appreciated by people, anyway, I think that’s appreciated by people who subscribe to my channel, it is this authenticity, this imperfection. It is that much more human connection they may have with me that watching a TV show where everything is framed within a millimeter, where there are changes of angles every two seconds, because otherwise it has been proven that your brain starts to fall asleep.

So it’s to keep you awake artificially even if it is super boring and where all the guys are super bright smiles, they brush their teeth at least 17 times a day, otherwise it is not Not possible. This is what people also like. It is this imperfection that connection.

They will have the same connection they will have with their small artisan, their small neighborhood shopping, smile, hello Mr Duchemin, how are you? How is your grandmother? How’s the dog? Etc. but you’ll have this direct connection can reach a mass audience and it makes all the difference.

So this is my advice when you start. Do not be afraid to be imperfect. At first, no one listens to you anyway. After, you will progress. You will slowly rise in skill, you will always be imperfect. But that’s what the audience loves.

Thanks for watching this video. Public thank you to you! “

And in a video, never forget the call to action. You will see live there.

“Thank you for watching this video. So as usual, you can still receive free my Zen Happy book by clicking on the cover shown here or on the link that appears there. You leave your name and email and I send the book immediately, it’s like that, it’s free.

And as usual, I need your feedback. If you liked this video, click I just like below and then share it. And if you do not like, click I do not like and do not share it. Thank you for watching this video. Tomorrow for the next. Goodbye ! “

The video was not perfect, the lights are not perfect. She will not make a million views. It is completely not care. The goal is to connect regularly with your audience. If you like this video a day, after a time, your audience will progress.

What I wanted to show you is that you can make a video per day, equipment is cheap. But I always say there are good and bad skeptical. The bad skeptics will not do good and skeptics will have a scientific approach and will specifically test when their offers things to see if it brings them something.

Maybe it will bring you nothing, maybe it will make all the difference in your business, you will not know if you have not tested.

During the next 7 days, I suggest you try to make a video a day and see if it’s easy for you if you like it and if you do not throw tomatoes into the street. If you do not throw tomatoes on the street, maybe you can continue.

7 days, it’s a little short for us to see a real difference in your hearing. But try to do something.

For ideas, I use Evernote. For those who do not know, you do not have to use it. You can have a book about you or your Smartphone and you note in the file note.

Evernote is a PC application, Mac, Smartphone, etc. which allows you to capture all your ideas all the time. When you take a photo, you record sounds, take videos, it is saved in the cloud. Evernote is free up to 2 gigabytes. I recommend it.

me, when I have an idea, I note in my Evernote file. That way, when I’m out of inspiration, I launch Evernote and I look. I think I must have thirty ideas that I have not had time to shoot. I have many more ideas than time to do my videos. This is really not a problem, ideas.

If you ever have a creativity problem, what I do every time when I’m dry, there is no idea in my Evernote inspires me that day, I asked around.

you see, you gave me a subject, I did live. It’s not perfect, but at least it has the merit of being published.

I was referring to this quote earlier from someone who is connected to the lean startup since it is completely applicable to the lean startup “if you’re not ashamed of the first product you deliver, c ‘ is that it is too late. “

What he meant is that it is better to do something imperfect that is really in the real world and for which you have real feedback from people who have used the product, saw the video, rather than the most perfect thing in the world from your room to work a year on a perfect thing for you to realize after a year that everyone is completely not care. It is the lean startup approach. The same is finally approach.

In fact, it is lean video somewhere. We put videos online, we see the feedback from users, it improves as and simply.

What were the results of this challenge in a video a day?

Note that at the beginning, I decided to make a video per day for 60 days. In the end, I liked it so much and my audience liked it so much that I decided to continue. And there, I had to make the 255 e video yesterday in a row, I never missed a day since February. Frankly, this is not an achievement. Anyone can do it, it’s not that complicated.

Obviously, you do not have to make a video a day, you can do five videos in one day and plan. Roman Collignon made a challenge of 100 days, a video per day for 100 days. He turned 30 videos a day. In one day, it was a month of videos. Anyone can do it.

Therefore, the results are the results after 60 days, that is since February, since I started this.

There were almost 23,000 views in January. There I took the last 30 days from 15 October to 13 November, there were 173,000 views. We spend 23 000-17 3000. So this is huge. There were nearly 2000 subscribers, it rose to 283. 8 million views has been exceeded, I think, in September or October.

This does not make me the new Norman or new Cyprien. It does not matter, we do not care.

This is not to become the new Norman or new Cyprien is important not to become the huge star that everyone knows the point that you can not even go buy your steak at the butcher because everyone jumps on you and ask you for autographs. What is important is to be known in your market.

There, I asked who is subscribed to the channel. Roughly half of the room is subscribed. This is great because finally today my audience, the one I designed is in this room. That is what is important.

This is not to be a great international star known is to be known in your market and ensure that you connect to your audience. This is what will make you differentiate yourself from your competitors and also that more people will connect with you and appreciate you all.

There are not the numbers. Each time, in each of my videos, I ask “if you liked this video, you click I love, if you do not like, you click I do not like.”

Since 1 er February, since I started this challenge, 12,446 “likes”, 420 “I do not like.” It shows concretely that the audience is delighted despite all the imperfections of these videos.

This is a second video.


Speaker 1: It really gives positive energy


Speaker 2: It makes you want to do things


Speaker 3: This is things we can implement directly


Speaker 4: This is simple, effective


Speaker 5: This is casual


Speaker 6: Three, four minutes, bam, it starts my day


This is a generic prototype that I will soon put on the chain. I have a meeting no time in Paris and I asked the room if there are people who are a fan of the chain and there who want to make a testimony. There were lots of people. There, you have seen some excerpts that came spontaneously, saying: yes, Olivier I love your chain. I have done you a video.

I can not go to a single event in France which is connected in a more or less close to the web marketing, entrepreneurship, but there is someone who comes to see me, saying: Olivier, I love what you do, I watch your video every day when I take my coffee. Often, that’s what I’m told.

This is not something easy to measure in terms of sales, except on like I showed you. But I really saw a huge difference from the time when I started to make a video per day in the general assessment that my hearing may be compared to anything I do. I feel that video is the best way to connect with its audience. And that’s why you should too.

The video is what comes closest to a face to face. Read an article, it is, but at the connection level, it’s not necessarily that. The audio is better, but there is no image. There was downright everything but the smell, which sometimes is not a disadvantage.

And especially the big advantage is that it is almost as good as meeting face to face, but you can potentially reach millions of people around the world with the same amount of effort that you would had to meet for one person.

Imagine Michael Jackson he was born at 19 e century, is that he could reach the same audience that what he did at 20 e ? What made the difference for Michael Jackson?

Clips, yes, yes. Before that, there was the radio and disc. It was the leverage that allowed musicians who previously could be known.

In that 1000 people have seen live what was a musician, they had to see it live.

From the moment where there was radio and disc, the musician just had to do the same amount of effort required to do one song, but it could potentially reach millions of people without extra effort or without much extra effort. It gave a huge leverage that made all the difference for the stars, for musicians, which enabled them to reach a global audience, worldwide. This is what made the stars of today.

Internet is the same thing for entrepreneurs that what was the radio and disc for musicians. It is a tool that gives you tremendous leverage, allowing you the same amount of effort as it was 20 or 30 years to reach 50 people to potentially reach millions of people. And I think the video, it really is a major vehicle for this.

So make a video a day, that’s fine, but there are also different keys that are important, we must also get it.

– Post regularly

You are not obliged to publish video daily. I recommend it, but at least such a week.

– Authenticity

This is very important. Be yourself. There is no need to make something perfect, just be yourself, it’s not serious. You will improve you as you, so do not be afraid of that.

– Quality of content, but obviously not perfect


must talk about things that interest your audience. Do not hesitate to do polling. When you lack inspiration, you make a video asking the subject to your channel. You will have plenty of people who, in the comments, will give you ideas and after, you can have for a month. And involve the audience.

I gave you a little challenge to make a video per day for 7 days. I like to do it regularly on my channel. I like to tell them to publish reviews of experimental results that I give them to do, etc. I really try to make my audience does not just watch the videos, but also act. It’s really important to me.

I think ultimately what is important is not to publish good content is to ensure that the people “consume”, but above all act in relation to that because it is where they will see the difference in their lives, they will become true fans, as long as your content is good, of course.

So the call to action is clear very important.

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