All the best free software invites you to compile the necessary software to build you the ultimate repository, complete and free! In total, more than 100 programs are highlighted. free to pay up?
So here is the Top Free software in over fifteen categories.

2. Office suites

Apache OpenOffice : more than ever, Apache OpenOffice (formerly, which has democratized the administrations and the general public, is the benchmark for alternative office suite and free. This free suite includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, a multimedia presentation program, a vector drawing tool, a database manager and a mathematical program. Everything is completely free and relatively intuitive to use. Try it if you have enough of Office or if you simply do not have the resources to offer it.
IBM Lotus Symphony : once you pass the online registration stage to properly install this office suite, you are likely to be quickly seduced . This suite, still in beta, is beginning to make a name among lovers of free solutions. There are currently a text editor, spreadsheet and presentation software (Lotus Symphony Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentation). The suite has an open data format and is compatible with Microsoft formats in
LibreOffice . Much like, LibreOffice is a suite free and free office, a competitor of Microsoft. It thus offers a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software and a mathematical formula editor or databases, etc. It is compatible with a number of extensions that can customize and so suit your needs.
3. Software to work
Foxit Reader : If you do not want the hassle of heavy Acrobat Reader, so opt for Foxit, PDF reader must-have! This small software allows you to read and print any PDF document, including magazines available on this format. Full screen mode, you obviously make the most of your documents
STDU Viewer . This small app allows viewing of any file format, without installing any third-party program. It offers indeed display the most image formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD, etc.) and the most common text files (TXT, PDF, XPS, Djvu etc.). And with its support for a large number format, why not use STDU Viewer as a “universal converter” format?
EverNote : imagine a kind of flipchart, able to save text, images, web pages, and share them with your colleagues: that is, Evernote. With this application, you can record your ideas at any time or take photos and sync to all your other devices. totally essential once we tasted
PDFCreator . As the name suggests, PDFCreator allows you to build PDF documents from text or image files. Since it is light and simple to load, it would be a shame to deprive yourself if you regularly convert files to PDF format
MagicPDF . This small free utility allows convert files to PDF format and is compatible with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, but also Internet Explorer and Firefox. The principle of MagicPDF is to add a virtual printer on your PC. In the running you can then convert to PDF text, images and web pages.
4. Everything for the photo
Picasa : Picasa is more than ever the benchmark for ranking free software and photo processing. Not content to organize your photos into albums simple to manage, Google signed software offers a range of automatic settings (cropping, color, light, shadow, red eyes …) and effects (sharpness, black and white, artistic blur, etc.) very simple and practical to use. Finally, it is possible to publish a click your online albums, burn them or give them develop. No big changes in recent times, which does not prevent Picasa to be a must
Paint.Net : This is our heart stroke in terms of retouching ‘picture. Not content to offer a lightweight and simple to use, Paint.Net continues to grow and offer options increasingly finicky over the versions. We can legitimately speak here of a little Photoshop, allowing you to run peacefully all maintenance and touch-up every day in your photos. It is particularly convenient to use in the context of cropping or retouching of images. Attention, it requires prior installation of Microsoft .Net Framework
PhotoFiltre . Here is a complete image editing software. It is also reminiscent of Photoshop, including via its interface, especially since it also includes a broad range of filters. Although friendly, it requires some knowledge before you can master it well
The Gimp . Much knowledge immediately, the software generates a large community fans. This is indeed one of the favorite image editing software because users simply one of the best free software available today. It is very rich, constantly evolving. The Gimp has scripts to automate the most repetitive tasks. This program requires the installation of GTK + and unfortunately is not very suitable for beginners
Light Image Resizer . This software easily organizes your photos and allows you to reduce resolution, individually or by batch. With this software, you can resize course, but also compress or convert to a different format all your images. This is a great toolkit for processing your photos, especially if you have thousands. Finally, note that Light Image Resizer integrates seamlessly into Windows Explorer (right click on your pictures)
XnView . we present here an advanced viewer. This software allows both to visualize that convert your images (in about 50 different formats, and whole lots). It also supports animated files, and you can of course carry out many basic settings: cutting, brightness and contrast adjustment, applying filters and effects, etc. Bonus: the slide show is itself very attractive
FastStone Image Viewer . This software visualization and image processing is both simple to use and particularly fast. Whether you edit an image (single or in batch!), The crop but also to convert, nothing is easier with FastStone Image Viewer. As if that were not enough, you can also create slideshows with numerous transition effects
Irfanview . Finally discover this very light program that will allow you to manage all your media files. The list of supported formats is endless and you can graft the numerous plugins program to read even more file types. . Awesome
GoodFrame : This lightweight software allows you to manage some features that are missing in many software tested here. So you can put a logo (or signature) to indicate that you have rights to an image or add a watermark. You can also frame your photos
PhotoMosaique . Here an original software that will allow you to have fun with your As its name suggests, allows you to create PhotoMosaique a montage from your shots to make interactive mosaic. It is possible to add an interesting effect in his pictures, and so alter his photographs at will with your own images, or taking advantage of the image database provided by the software.
XnConvert XnConvert allows you to process and convert your images from over 400 different formats. It also offers some features to change its image:
Labography is a graphics software that offers many practical tools to work. It has the advantage of offering an intuitive and easy to use to create, edit or optimize a project. Note that it can export its work in several formats, including
Photoscape : Photoscape will allow you to simply edit your photos and crop them, improve or withdraw red eyes. In addition to these basic functions, this software will also create slideshows or GIF animations very simply.
5. media players
VLC not for nothing that Free was chosen as VLC media for its famous Freeplayer. VLC is indeed a very powerful multimedia player, light and especially compatible with virtually all current formats. It integrates all the codecs MPEG-2 MOV, obviously passing through the MPEG-4, and audio formats. It also supports streaming and broadcast broadcasts online. Aspect simple at first, it is also undoubtedly one of the most complete. His new version was expected for two years
Media Player Classic : do not rely especially not her frankly aged appearance as Media Player Classic is a great media player. Light (that is his great strength) and effective, it is extremely stable to play all your media files, including the most recent. If you have an older system, please adopt
Media Player Classic – Home Cinema : Alongside Media Player Classic, there a version of “Home Cinema” of the application. This edition, which is experiencing more frequent updates, fully supports GPU acceleration (the graphics card that decodes rather than the processor). It requires no codec addition and can therefore basic reading, any kind of audio or video file
iTunes . The flagship software of Apple does not fortunately address to the holders of an iPod or iPhone. The iTunes interface is its great strength, especially its famous cover flow that will cycle through all your album covers. With iTunes, you can manage, organize and customize your music very accurately. Of course timing will be possible between your iPod and the software. With iTunes you can also manage your podcasts and videos. Finally, it is compulsory gateway to access the iTunes Store and easily purchase music and videos online. It would be a shame not to try
Winamp . it is now over 10 years Winamp is a delight for music lovers online. audio and video player, it offers many possibilities thanks to its embedded plugins or download next. He can directly extract and convert tracks from Audio CD and then burn them to the ACC, WMA, MP3. Winamp is also a great tool for listening to online radio stations. Never short updates, Winamp is now compatible with PlaysForSure MP3 players, iPods and iPhone. You can also join the community of fans of Winamp, very active. Winamp: a must that has not aged
. 6. Management of audio
Audacity : this is one of the wonders of our selection and it’s been a few years that this software is a reference . Audacity indeed delight all music lovers hackers! This software allows you indeed to edit audio files by applying such effects, but also to cut out pieces, mix multiple tracks, etc. In addition, you can record with Audacity external sources (eg chain) provided that you connect to your PC. Note that you can export your results in WAV, AIFF, MP3 and MIDI. To have absolutely
Free MP3 WMA Converter : this small easy to use program allows you to convert audio files of different formats: MP3, WAV, WMA, Ogg and AAC. For this, you simply select your hard drive files to convert and set their format and output quality. Within minutes, there are dozens of files you can convert. It also includes an integrated tag editor
MediaMonkey Free . Easily organize your media with this tool that supports any type of audio file or video. The application can automatically identify a movie or a song by exploiting different sources such as Amazon or Freedb Allmusic. It can rename accordingly a series of poorly named files and sync your media with all your devices (iPhone, iPad, smarthpone Android, etc.)
Coverjuke . if you like the CoverFlow technology, which allows you to scroll the pockets of your discs without having iTunes, we suggest you try the comprehensive Coverjuke. Not only will you be able to navigate through all your pockets, but you’ll also be able to read your files since Coverjuke is a full audio player. In our tests, the program unfortunately suffers from a lack of fluidity, damage
EasyTag . What more unbearable than a music file collection named n ‘ anyhow? EasyTag allows you to quickly and easily edit the information of music files (MP3, AAC, OGG, etc.) and so inform the author, album, or the year of one or more titles. Ideal to manage his music collection without spending hours
Album Art Downloader . This software will assist all music lovers in the task simple and tedious: find the covers of his favorite albums. It proposes to find, through a comprehensive online database, artwork for your music library. A simple click on the “search” feature then allows to choose among several proposals
MP3Tag . As the name suggests, MP3Tag is software that allows add the missing information to its audio files. It allows to add useful information such as track title, artist, album name or the track number. It is much information that is then used by the various players and players to display the song information current. Finally, note that obviously the software manages files to MP3, but also AAC, Flac, OGG and WMA.
7. Management of video
To recompress video files, there are dozens of applications. But few of them are as effective and rapid as Handbrake. This application provides the means to handle any video format, and make a MP4 or MKV file. With it, you can make in minutes compatible sequence with your smartphone, media player lounge, TV, etc.
This is another reference program. With it, you can perform many simple operations on your videos such as trim, resize, extract and edit the soundtrack, etc. It is particularly capable of creating AVI files and AVI2.
This tool extracts the content of a DVD or BluRay and creates an MKV file. The application does not perform any recompression, but allows you to select the items you want to keep: subtitle tracks, audio, chapters, etc. What gain output few gigabytes. With it, it is possible to shelter the disc data, while reducing its size.
online video fans will love this simple and effective tool. TubeMaster helps you to search and download flash videos from sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and others … Among its features, so there is a complete search engine, an integrated upload tool and even a browser allowing you to surf the web .
This software is easy to use and extremely practical because it allows him to also download videos from sharing sites like YouTube or Dailymotion. Full VDownloader allows your search directly from the software to download and eventually convert them afterwards to AVI and MPEG formats.
Gordian Knot
With this software, you will be able to achieve DivX and XviD from your favorite DVDs. Accessible to all, even beginners videographers, Gordian Knot has many more advanced options if you want to further customize the videos. You can for example integrate subtitles and choose the resolution of the film.
Any Video Converter
Name explicit once again for that program to convert the majority of your videos. In addition to traditional formats (MOV, MPEG, DVD, WMV, AVI, etc.), it also supports videos compatible with your iPod or PSP.
This software is used to encode your files, managing all the audio as well as video. Its advantage is to directly integrate codecs yet simple approach.
Subtitle Workshop
It is the ideal software to edit your subtitles. It thus supports the majority of subtitle formats. With Subtitle Workshop you can easily create, edit and convert subtitles.
Mega Video Converte r
As its name suggests, Mega Video Converter allows you to convert your media files easily. He manages a large number of file formats, from MP3 to AVI via the FLV (Flash). Very intuitive, it has an interface similar to that of Windows 8, and so should not confuse the regulars of the system.
Movie Maker
Integrated with Windows XP and Vista, the software has all the tools to make small movies from personal files or downloaded from the Internet. Intuitive interface makes great many configurable elements such as titles and transitions. Of course, the software has its limitations: poor special effects, it can not claim to play in the same league as Adobe Premiere, to name him. However, it would be a shame to miss. Movie Maker is now integrated as a result
Windows Live Essentials.
As the name indicates perfectly, SUPER is an ace in his field. This is a conversion software that supports many video formats (including from mobile phone) and audio. Through a sliding / removed you can easily perform your extractions. Try it and adopt it, but if it can be disorienting at first.
DVDFab HD Decrypter
As MakeMKV, this application proposes to copy the contents of a DVD or Blu-Ray on a hard drive. With it, you can store its movies on an external hard drive or USB stick and take them anywhere (very convenient for vacation or long business trips). The software lets you select the items you want to copy: the entire disk, the film only a single video and audio track, etc.
Hdbrstreamextractor (HD-DVD / Blu-Ray Stream Extractor)
A film is composed of several “flow”: audio, video, subtitles, chapters are usually mixed in a single file. To extract them to restate, it is sometimes necessary to arm himself with a utility like Hdbrstreamextractor, who made both with the SD (Standard Definition) with the HD (High Definition). Attention eac3to the application requires to run.
8. Games
ZSNES : ZSNES is an emulator that allows to find the Super Nintendo on his computer. Despite an austere interface, it is certainly the one that offers the best performance, and allows for extreme settings and customize all what you can think of.
Mame : the Arcade problem for years 80 and 90, is that unless you settle portages on consoles or computers that rarely equaled those of the original version, it was difficult to play at home. Mame is an emulator that will allow you to catch up and to recover old coffee sets as recent
Dolphin . Dolphin is an emulator dedicated to the GameCube and Wii, which allows to find the games of this console from Nintendo on his computer. Note that it is compatible with most controllers that you can connect to it
ScummVM . Scumm is the engine created by Ron Gilbert, for use in the point and click mythical “Maniac Mansion”. It will then be reused for other equally cult games like Loom, The Secret of Monkey Island or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The ScummVM emulator invites you to all of these games on your current machine ..
NullDC NullDC to replay the mythical console that was the Dreamcast, although missing too early. The last Sega console is found here emulated on PC and allows to find there his games in high definition.
9. Internet browsers
Firefox : If you regularly follow our records, you know that Firefox is our favorite browser. The star of the Mozilla Foundation is a precursor effect in web browsers (it just has to see its influence on the latest Internet Explorer). Among the advanced features of Firefox, we note increased management system bookmarks (favorites) and strengthening security through protection against phishing, spyware, viruses and pop-ups. Finally, you can also easily access information on the publisher of the site you visit
Internet Explorer . The most famous and popular web browsers has evolved lately and it brings together all the features expected of a browser: tabbed browsing, integrated toolbar, son RSS aggregator. Now more efficient and safe, you can use it in peace
Chrome . This is the flagship navigator of school. Google launches in effect on this difficult terrain and will try to compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox, already well established. For this, Google has developed a browser as social oriented free license and has the V8 technology that facilitates and accelerates the processing of JavaScript. Not really revolutionary for the time, Chrome still has a (already) good popularity.
10. Courier
Thunderbird : This e-mail software is the mail for Firefox. On the menu of useful functions, there is a filter against spam or a spell checker. Thunderbird is still excellent in phishing detection, in managing podcasts, shares of response and transfer for mail filters and automatic backup of a draft. Ergonomic and extremely safe, it would be a shame to spend
Windows Live Mail . The successor to Outlook Express is available under Vista. However, you can upload it to our repository. A classic look, but wanting to be more secure than Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail offers a whole range of useful tools such as managing RSS feeds or an address book in order to facilitate correspondence. Windows Live Mail is now integrated with Windows Live Essentials
Foxmail . This is one of our favorites in the family of e-mail clients. The Chinese software is really excellent. It has many advantages, starting with its ability to quantify and filter your personal messages or the quality of its models. We also rent its advanced spam filtering and compatibility with leading Webmail. Finally, note that Foxmail can be used on removable media such as a USB drive since it is a single executable
Reach-a-Mail . This software is specially designed for the storage devices to easily access your mail from a USB key with a friend, for example. As main advantage, know that it leaves no trace on the visiting PC. If you are addicted to your emails, you need it!
11. Instant messaging
Skype : no introduction Skype, famous instant chat software to include voice and visual conversations, all for free between two computers. It is also possible to make calls through SkypeOut account for often priced.
Yahoo! Messenger Yahoo! Messenger is the main competitor to Windows Live Messenger. Both software are also now interoperable, allowing to significantly expand its contact list. You can share files by simple slipped / deposited in the window of your contact. In general, the ergonomics of Yahoo! Messenger has been well thought out. The other advantage of the software is to welcome a host of plugins (Yahoo! Music, News, Finance …) and share the services subscribed with friends. Of course, you can communicate via VoIP and via webcam. However, the program is now integrated with the email service portal
Pidgin . Formerly known as GAIM, Pidgin is our favorite time of the heart.

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