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Whether you are an author, journalist, web editor, editor, videographer or self-employed at the head of a web business in the launch phase, you must know Google Adsense. This is the advertising most used in the world. Although the competition is strong and responsive in its field, Google remains an essential option to monetize optimized textual content, long and detailed articles, popular videos or websites of applications web for computers, connected tablets, smartphones or another. The reasons why the success of this advertising network are: flexibility ads for Publishers, the lack of prior related organic traffic rate of your sites, the choice of campaigns and banners ease of use, the number of proposed advertising campaigns, means of safe and effective international payment from 70 euros of revenue recognized. But enough about the great positives adsense, come together, and detail the various aspects of the governed that interests us here.

What conditions must we meet before an inscription on adsense, what stirred wait before registration?
Once your application made on Google you have to wait a few days before seeing your website validated by the administration team. The waiting time before validation in formal ranges from 24 to 48 hours. This period may be extended if sometimes the adsense to enrollment requests are too many. Once your site is accepted, you integrate their advertising program tailored for publishers of all sizes and items of any kind to see that these are tolerated by adsense. So you can very quickly begin to have a turnover if you generate some traffic or if your readership is targeted and quality. As noted previously, Google will ask you no statistics or guarantee of performance before inspecting your site; However, governance is very particular about compliance with its internal rules, so take plenty of time to read their terms of use not receive warnings in chains and you get banned. If you are serious and motivated by a reliable and sustainable compensation plan, you should not encounter problems at this level.
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How to use different ad units, how advertiser campaigns?
The advertising display works by block, installing a simple script on your pages, these spaces (square, rectangle or adjustable) begin to promote keywords, images, brands, videos of all kinds in the place you allocate them. Note that advertisements fit the surrounding content they display, so the tags, titles, phrases you use in your pages and items etc … Their use is extremely simple, there are options for naming to choose what you want to show in your spaces (text, images), to change the background color, the outline color, and color of your text blocks.
adsense blocs d'annonce you can also choose categories of advertisers allowed on your sites, the only problem with this option is its limitation, in fact it is not possible to choose your advertising accurately. So you can uncheck certain categories of advertisements or ban a specific advertiser only if you know his information, which is often difficult to find.
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What are the means of payment, from when we are paid by adsense?
is part of Google Adsense, an internationally known company that enjoys great confidence worldwide and especially with physical banks or banks 100% online. The advertising thus offers numerous payment methods including electronic checks and bank transfers. Your account gives real-time detailed statistics of your campaigns cpm and cpc, the percentage that you return varies greatly depending on the quality of the content of your web pages and topics you treat in your articles. That is why knowledge of seo (search engine optimization) and professional writing products or business cards are always a plus to increase its revenue adsense effectively. Payment requests are done automatically once you reach 70 euros, you are paid monthly. In France the actual receipt of the money from your publisher account is the 22 of each month.
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Learn more about the company Google Adsense and have access to a detailed technical data sheet:
Statistic plug on adsense alexa
the official FAQ online adsense governed
Adsense is managed by Google .

The opinion editorial on adsense:
Finally, Google has a community forum that will surely help you quickly overcome all the difficulties encountered if you start in monetizing your websites. However, be aware that you have access to their customer service to a certain number of daily deal. If your business is profitable enough, the program will offer a special partnership that will give you access to more options. The communication service governance will help you optimize the placement of your banner and select the right type of ads to promote based on your industry. As a beginner, you’ll find it matter what. If you are an experienced editor, you will also find your account in addition to specialized advertising campaigns or special affiliate programs.

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