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Once is not custom, I propose today testing Wondershare Dr.Fone , a little program for recover lost or deleted data on his mobile or tablet Android . How it works ? Already, contrary to popular belief, this software is installed on the PC and not on the phone. So you install the software (compatible with Windows and Mac OS) on your PC, you connect your phone to the PC via a USB cable then you start restoring your data from the PC. It looks simple like that right? But what is it really? Is this software really works? This is what we shall see! 🙂


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Wondershare Dr.Fone is actually a suite combining 3 software “Android Data Restoration,” “Restoring data from a defective Android” and “Rapture of the Android lock screen” . In this article, it is the software Android Restoring data I’ll test. As its name suggests, it will allow us to restore all deleted data memory and also of microSD card our precious Android mobile: contacts, messages (SMS , MMS and WhatsApp), call history, photos, videos, music and documents. From this point of view, Dr.Fone “Android Data Restore” is complete.


Wondershare commercial offer for its Dr.Fone on. Source: Wondershare.com

At first, the software is not cheap. It will pay the sum of € 49.99 to use it! You get a license that allows you to install the software on one and only one PC , which allows you to restore data Mobile 5 maximum . Your data is priceless and that publishers have understood. What would not tone not to recover these photos that we take so much? : P

Let’s make a little tour of the competitors side:

Application Price
Wondershare Dr.Fone € 49.99
Android Recovery € 49.99
Fonepaw Android Data Recovery € 49.95
Tenorshare Android Data Recovery 35 €
iPubsoft Android Data Recovery € 42.99

One can see that the application for publishers recover data from an Android device all practice the same rate. Dr.Fone so do not practice a high price, even if at first, the bill seems salty.

Let’s see what this software has in the stomach. Is he really capable of restore lost or deleted data our mobile Android?

Step 1: Install the software and license

After buying Dr.Fone “Android Data Restore” , you receive an email containing a link to download the software and your activation key. Download the executable software and then start the installation of Dr.Fone .


e-mail confirming Wondershare Dr.Fone

Dr.Fone The installer opens. Click the “Custom Installation” at the bottom right.


Uncheck “Accept to participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program”, check that concerning the license agreement and click the “Install” button. I do not know what this improving the customer experience program but when in doubt, I let fly.


Wait for the installation to finish and then click “Finish”.


Dr.Fone should open automatically. If that’s not the case, double-click the shortcut on your desktop. A registration window appears. If you have not purchased the software, select the “Dr.Fone – Android Restoring Data” and click “Buy.” If you have already purchased the software, simply click on the “Register” button. For my part, as I already have an activation key, I click on ‘Register’.


Enter your email address and the activation key (which was sent to you by email) to validate your license and take full advantage of the software. If you do not activate the software, it can only scan your Android phone to search for deleted or lost data . It will not restore them.


window “My Account” opens and displays the your license status . In the screenshot below, we see that I have a life to valid license for the software Dr.Fone “Restoration / Android Data Extraction ‘(the same software), for 5 devices.


our software and license key installed, it remains for us to get into the restoring data from our Android device !

Step 2: Restoring data

I found the Dr.Fone app very easy to use for recover data from their Android phone . The interface is clear and intuitive. In the left column, you have several options:

  • Android Restoring data

  • Recover data from an SD card on Android

  • Restore data from a defective Android

  • Additional Tools (contains only the “Rapture of the Android lock screen”)

The latter two options are not included in the “Android Restoring data” license. Only the first two options are available.


Under the test is the “Android Data recovery” we are interested 🙂 Click the option in the left column and connect your phone to the PC via cable USB.


Dr.Fone installs the driver for scanning and restoring data in our Android device . Your device will probably restart is what happened with my smartphone.


Once the driver is installed, select file type you want to recover from: contacts, messaging, call history, messages, and attachments WhatsApp, photos, music, videos and documents. You can leave any box.


Then select the analysis mode

  • “Scanner deleted files the” only scans data you removed from your Android phone . The scan will be significantly shorter than the “Scan all files” mode.

  • “Scan all files” scans all data from your Android phone. This mode of analysis is much longer, count several hours!


Now you need to give administrator privileges to Dr.Fone so they can scan and recover data from your Android phone . The wizard is rather well done: it shows you how to give rights “root” to the application on the phone from screenshots



The scan your Android phone finally begins! In “Scanner deleted files”, the analysis is rather quick.


This is then a breeze to recover data of interest. Just check the items you want to restore by clicking the check box in front of each of them. Example with SMS:


In the gallery, the app will find a lot of temporary files who have nothing to do with the photos you want probably recover. Temporary files are example images of web articles you’ve read, thumbnails of YouTube videos, etc. In the screenshot below, not less than 21,484 pictures were found! Not easy to navigate and identify only images .


The trick is to select a other display mode . Click top right on the “Details” icon and then click the “Size” tab. Your images will therefore classified by size heavier to lighter. The heaviest pictures correspond probably your photos . You can return to “Thumbnails” mode by clicking on the icon on the top right, the images will remain sorted.


Once you have selected the items you want restore , click the “Recover” button at the bottom right.


Select the location for backing up your data.


All data are copied and listed in specific folders (gallery, messaging …). It is a disappointment, especially for the messages: they are no restored on the PC and not on the phone /


You can see them but only on your PC. It’s better than nothing but it is unfortunate that there is no option to restore messages directly on the phone .


Verdict Dr.Fone “Android Data Recovery”

Wondershare Dr.Fone “Android Data Recovery”
Tested version: Windows, V6.1.0
test device: Xiaomi MI2S, Android 5.0 MIUI 6.5.26

+ Positives

  • Restores good erased or lost data from an Android device

  • clear and intuitive interface

  • data types to restore full: WhatsApp messages, photos, call log, SMS …

  • Compatible Windows and Mac OS X

  • Quick Scan mode “Scanner deleted files”

  • Number of supported devices


  • forced Installing the application “MobileGo” on the Android device

  • Does not restore the data (messages, photos …) directly on the phone

  • Price: the software is not for everyone (even if it is in the average prices of its competitors)

Dr.Fone does the job: it effectively restores your lost or deleted data on your Android device (mobile or tablet). It features a clear and intuitive interface that allows anyone to complete these recovery operations. The big software defect is that it does not restore its data directly on their Android device. Maybe in a future version?

3.5 / 5

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