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DocFetcher is search software completely free. It allows search the contents of files on your computer. I specify: DocFetcher does not just search for the name of your file but its contents (such as text from a Word document). According to the editor, we can consider it as the Google of search for local files , no less! 😉


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DocFetcher is search software really nice for those who wish find a file whose content contains a word or a specific sentence. This function is especially useful for Word and Excel documents.


The list of supported files DocFetcher

  • Microsoft Office (doc, xls, ppt, docx, .xlsx, .pptx, docm, xlsm, pptm) ​​

  • Microsoft Outlook (pst)

  • (odt, ods, odg, odp, ott, ots, otg, otp)

  • Portable Document Format (pdf)

  • HTML (html, xhtml, …)

  • MP3 Metadata (mp3)

  • Exif Metadata JPEG (jpg, jpeg)

  • And more …

If the software you are interested, download and install it. There is a portable version if you want to use on a USB key.

Download DocFetcher

I’ll show you how to use it because DocFetcher uses a rather unusual system search the contents of a file .

DocFetcher requires create an index for each folder in which you want search . An index allows DocFetcher to quickly find which files contain a word or a particular word group. I think it is positive because it indexes only what interests us. Especially that of other search software require to index the entire hard drive!


The creating an index may take some time depending on the number and size of the indexed files. However, we should do it once per folder. then we can to search the indexed files as many times as you like.

To create an index , right-click in the left box Search Scope and select Create Index From > Folder . Next, choose the folder to search (the one you want to find the contents of your files.)


In the new window Indexing Queue , click […] to the right of the Plain text to select the file type in which you want do your research .


Select extensions that interest you.


You can set other parameters to refine file search interest (eg exclude certain file indexing). Refer to wiki DocFetcher for details.

Made OK then click Run to start the indexing folder.


You can add as many folders as you like by following the same steps.

You can now do your research by entering words or phrases into the text box at the top. You also have the option to choose the type of documents, their minimum and maximum size as well as the folders where to look. Click Search to initiate a search.


In the example above, DocFetcher has found in which file ( Snes9x -Read moi.doc ) is the word I was looking for ( keyboard ). Use the arrows in the bottom area to navigate between occurrences found.

The last word

DocFetcher is search software light and really easy to use that I highly recommend if you happen to seek file that you wrote a word or a particular phrase. It is fully free so do not hesitate! 😀 It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in classic or portable version.


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