Customize your blog in Blogger

Customize your blog in Blogger


Posted by: Aziz Twati Friday, January 3, 2014

How to customize your blog in Blogger?

The goal is to help you personalize your blog, at the design level (Template) Definition: The blogging platform Blogger or Google-hosted blog spot to create a personal blog with various gadgets and tools, the he purpose of the blog is a kind of global bookmakers, gathering on a blog tools, tricks or tips for Blogger, and thus allow you to create a blog more professionnel.Blogger by Google and an overview of the main features of Blogger. To begin, simply log in to Blogger using your account s f you use Gmail, Google Groups or orkut , you already have a compte.s f you do not have a Google account, you can create one with Google. p or start a blog with Blogger, visit the Blogger homepage, enter your username and password, then click Login. Enter a display name and accept the terms of use. Then click the Create a Blog link and choose a start address (URL) and a title for your blog, select your favorite model determines the appearance of your blog when you publish it, be creative, add information to your profile and customize the look of your blog by following your inspiration, e t now, write your blog, a variety of models * * Template to customize your blog Chart Blogger edge Layout Model.



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